PM says people cannot reach Gods, hence they come to courts

Published on April 05, 2015 11:26:26 AM

Addressing a joint meeting of the judges and chief ministers at Vignan Bhavan in Delhi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, "People have high expectations on judiciary. They cannot reach Gods and hence they approach courts. There is a lot of responsibility lies with the judiciary.”
Stating that the judiciary, like every other wing in the society should take optimal advantage of the emerging technologies, the prime minister advocated for zero dependency of the cases. The courts should ensure that there is no pendency of cases. 

"The poor should be able to reach the judiciary. There is a need to create facilities for the poor as they cannot hire a lawyer. Law and justice should go hand in hand, the PM said.

Speaking on the need to replace outdated laws, the prime minister said there were about 1700 such laws in the country. "I will remove 700 of them and have decided to remove one such law per day during my entire tenure,” he said.