PM gives report card on 10 months performance

Published on April 03, 2015 20:17:17 PM


Prime Minister Narendra Modi today  gave a report card on 11 months of his governance. The Prime Minister stated that farmers must get shelter and adequate water and power supply.

He also stressed on the need to bring best technology to farming sector. He said that the policy followed in last 60 years has harmed the farmers.

He said that the Make in India drive provides us with a hue of opportunity and skill development of youth should be focused for this purpose.

The Prime Minister stated that with Make in India we will build new India. He stated that we have to become self reliant in defence. 

"We are setting up new banks and BRICS is focusing on the same sector, which is necessary for the country's development, " The Prime Minister said. He said that the government will work for reforming land laws to give more benefits to the farmers so that they never have to look back.