Small victory against 'Rangbhed'

Published on May 02, 2015 12:17:17 PM
Two years ago, Chirayu Jain, a law student from Bengaluru called up Hindustan Pencils to know why peach color is labeled as ‘skin’. And the reply from the other side was that, "It is termed as skin just as red is termed as red”.

Unsatisfied by the reply from the crayon company, Chirayu Jain filed a charge sheet against Hindustan Pencils in the Karnataka State Consumer Commission. And he brought into light some crucial points and stated that it’s not just usual discrimination but all about being sensible.
The skin tone varied from person to person due to pigmenting agent melanin. The reasons are purely biological for the differing skin tone. Climate, geography and body's exposure to the Sun over the years have influenced the complexion of human skin.

Chirayu's complaint against the crayon manufacturer is genuine, sensible. He also mentioned that the word skin is a noun, not an adjective.

Recently launched Xiaomi Mi4i phone has a feature of skin whitening when you click a photograph, it does seem strange to have an app with a feature for enhanced skin tone, deliberately launched for the Indian market.
Chirayu Jain's initiative has won some positive points. He is a part of a movement called Brown n Proud which fights against discrimination of this sort and abolition of Rangbhed.
Recently, Navneet Education Ltd, another stationery manufacturer has agreed to rename its 'peach/skin' colour crayon as ‘peach’ for which Chirayu Jain deserves credit. The online petition against Hindustan Pencils has received more than 3209 signs.