UoH students' Akshara completes one year

Published on April 02, 2015 14:26:26 PM
Project Akshara, a voluntary educational initiative by the University of Hyderabad (UoH) students has successfully completed another year. This noteworthy education program was launched to educate the students from government primary schools of Gopanpally Tanda, Gopanpally village and Gopinagar.

Under this ambitious program, the university students and alumni, collected resources and time to teach the students.

Volunteers said, they were shocked by the appalling condition of the neighbourhood schools without toilets and teacher."We had to take a lot of effort and patience initially, but finally kids have improved a lot. It is encouraging to see their progress in their studies,”said one volunteer.

A cultural program was organised to mark the completion of the project.

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Ramaswamy and Pro-Vice-Chancellor of UoH congratulated the students for contributing to society.

He added that the volunteers should ensure that children sustain their passion for learning. Hameed, JDM, of the Collector’s office promised that he would do all steps to ensure that the Right To Education obligations be enforced in all these three schools.

Professor Laxminarayan,the mentor behind the program thanked the students for engaging in such a large scaleeducational initiative. He reminisced that, this would be the firsttime any Central University has taken such a noble effort.