HRD calls for scrapping of UGC

Published on April 01, 2015 13:59:59 PM
University Grants Commission has deviated from being a sentinel of excellence in education to a funding institution, according to a report submitted to Human Resource Ministry.

A committee set up by Union Human Resource Development Minister Smriti Irani has suggested scrapping of the UGC, stating that it has failed to fulfill its goals.The committee, headed by former UGC chairperson Hari Gautam, has suggested establishing a National Higher Education Authority through an act of Parliament to replace the UGC.

The two-volume report carries some debatable recommendations like conducting a national research aptitude test for admission to PhD and scrapping the current eligibility criteria of minimum 10 years tenure as professor for becoming a vice-chancellor.It also advocates certain proactive steps like teaching of yoga and transcendental meditation. According to Human Resource Ministry sources, "The recommendations are far-reaching and will be looked into seriously."

The report has advised the UGC chairperson to keep a track of the various performance areas of the institution and assess its overall contribution.It has recommended that the chairperson should spend more productive time in his seat rather than travel around the country and abroad to attend programs that have the least significance for the UGC.The committee has stated that the chairperson should be held accountable and his performance should be reviewed after the initial three years and then at the end of his five-year term by a committee constituted by HRD.