She still likes me, but is happier alone…

Published on May 25, 2015 00:28:44 AM

Two months ago I broke up with my boyfriend of 3.5 years after an argument. We had been having lots of arguments and it wasn’t our first time breaking up. Now, 2 months later, I feel like I made the biggest mistake of my life and I desperately want him back. Every time I try to approach the subject, he pushes away. He says he just wants to focus on his life now. Telling him how much I love him isn’t working, so what’s the best way to get him back?

Hello dear, when in a relationship, arguments or difference of opinion is quite common but then there is always a line that must not be crossed. In your case, the frequency of arguments has taken your boyfriend to the saturation point. The reason why he is pushing you away is because of the vexation and stress he has gone through due to these constant arguments. Yes, telling him how much you love will not work because he fears the arguments are sure to happen again after you patch up and he has to go through the same misery again.

So, if you really want him back, it is time for you to show patience and calmness. What you need to do is spend time with him without broaching love. It is essential for both of you to increase your understanding towards each other and learn to adjust wherever required. That is possible if you take the initiative and display these traits. It would also help if you get to the root of your arguments you both had in the past and make necessary changes in your relationship.

If you do this rightly, it is only a matter of time before your boyfriend’s confidence will be restored and and things may look for you again. It is clear that he really likes you or else your relationship would not have lasted 3.5 years after so many tiffs. So, just make him realise how much he means to you through your actions more than words and he will definitely be yours. Best of luck!

Hi Uncle Harry, I am a 16 years old and my girlfriend of 3 months broke up with me out of nowhere. She says all she wants is to be alone. She did say that maybe in the future we can try again. She told my friend weeks later after the breakup that she still likes me, but is happier alone. Only a few days after that, however, she told my friend that she gets annoyed when she hears me talking at school. So, she still likes me, but gets annoyed by me. What does this mean?

Hello, there are those times when a boy or girl feels a little uneasy in a relationship and tries to take a breather out of it. In your case, one thing is clear; this girl still likes you; so, you do not have to think it is all over. However, you need to respect her space and give her some time. As for the comment about your talking in school annoys her, is not really a big reason for her to breakup so you do not have to think much about it. What you need to do right now is just let her be for a while and start focusing on your school and other activities.

If this girl genuinely likes you, she is sure to return when the time is right but if you try to pursue her then there is a chance she might snap and never come back. At your age, having a relationship tends to distract you a lot from your main goals of life such as education, career so you have to ensure you are not slipping away from them. In the process of following your girlfriend, if you lag in your studies, then you will not only lose respect from her but from everyone, including your friends and family.

You are a grown up person now so you have to know your priorities. So, just give her some time and concentrate on your life. Once she settles her mind and becomes normal, she will come back to you. Good luck!