College students script cinematic odyssey

Published on April 22, 2015 13:45:40 PM
College film makers who make films with shoe-string budgets and winning accolades in film festivals is something beyond our imagination.

But a bunch of city college lads have proved the critics wrong by shooting experimental films and winning awards in international forums. Their films literally blew away the spectators’ mind with their magnificent work.

Meet Chinni Prakash Nandi, a follower of Swedish director, Ingmar Bergman.

A perfectionist by instinct, Nandi liked to experiment with treatment and narration in his films. He was the director of well-received films like Tramp,Fly Catcher,The Window, Balloons, Khuli Khidiki,The 7th bowl and The Lotus Pond.

Some of his films have won awards in venues such as the International Children’s Film Festival held in Hyderabad and SiGNS Film Festival in Kerala in 2013.

210 films, is another group that has made a name for their visual language and narration.Their ultimate success came through the mesmerizing tilt-shift experiment video shot on the University of Hyderabad campus called ‘Nano UoH’.

It captured the beauty of the campus and the essence of students life through its subtle, frames and sequences. Visham, Visham-2, Boy with a Kite, Wanted No More,Yu-me were some of their other films.They are about to come up with the latest masterpiece shortly. Arun Thachoth, Anirudh, Karthik and Mahendar were the four geniuses behind this group.