UoH to have 250 acres bio-reserve

Published on April 19, 2015 09:55:35 AM
University of Hyderabad has decided to earmark 250 acres of land and transform it into a bio-reserve and wildlife corridor, stated the university here.

This will be the first such move in India, by a university to protect its ecology.
The plan was to protect four lakes located on the campus and the adjoining areas unique for its rich flora and fauna.A total ban on any construction activity in the earmarked areas will be enforced soon,officials further  added.

"University will develop the area into a bio-reserve, with an inter-connected network of four lakes. We will ban construction as it disturbs the water course," said E Hairbabu, vice-chancellor of UoH."
uoH said a three-member committee studied the topography of the lakes, and a master plan to develop the land into a bio-sphere was approved by the administration three months ago.The 1,700 acres green campus is home to a variety of endangered species like the spotted deer, wild boar, peacocks and wild bats,a survey has revealed.

The survey, revealed that the campus harbours 734 varieties of flowering plants, out of which 315 are used in traditional Indian medicines.

According to a study, 80 bird species, 10 mammal species and 15 reptile species are also found here.