Offbeat courses offered by vaious institues

Published on May 18, 2015 17:03:42 PM
It is hard enough for students to decide which course they want to pursue, and now that lots of creative and innovative options are flooding the education world, choosing is more complex.

Let’s say your favourite pastime - surfing the Internet - is an actual course. Yes, you read it right. The University of Pennsylvania does offer a "Wasting time on the Internet” course and actually fills some requirements for English majors. Moreover, the course description states that students are required to "stare at the screen for three hours, only interacting through chat rooms, bots, and social media.”

Courses also combine studying popular characters like Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Mean Girls and Game of Thrones, where students are required to analyse the books or movies and also study the psychology of the characters.
What’s more, the "selfie storm” has even taken over a college in London where "The Art of Self Portraiture” class involves analyzing in detail the technique in taking pro-worthy selfies while snapping quite a lot with their phones. Speaking of phones, Stanford University teaches students how to develop their own apps which are inspired from their own lives.

Such is becoming the way of the world, where every little interest in students is being encouraged and given a platform, and India is not far behind.

Those who are tech savvy and enjoy cracking passwords can try their hand at "ethical hacking.” Many big companies look for ethical hackers for security purposes and institutes like the Indian School of Ethical Hacking and the Institute of Information Security offer courses that train students for just this.

Why not massage a living out at a spa? A spa training institute will teach you everything you need to know about a good spa and how you can make a career out of it. There are several spa academies in Mumbai, Delhi, Mangalore and other cities that will offer you interesting courses to opt for.

And if working at a spa is not your cup of tea, a cup of tea probably will be. If you are a tea lover, you could earn your living as a tea sommelier. The tea sommelier not only tastes the tea at different hotels, but also gives advice, does branding, and has a good knowledge of cultivation and manufacturing and there are many colleges that offer degree and diploma courses in tea management.