Five qualities for your dream job

Published on April 16, 2015 07:48:40 AM
Five qualities that will help you to bag your dream job

1. Domain knowledge
The candidate's grasp over domain knowledge is the most important matter. It is the most important factor, the employers are looking for as sound knowledge of a person helps him readily available to contribute his skills to the team.

2. Quality and body language
The candidates body language clearly makes an impression on the interviewer. Perfect eye contact add to the confidence of the person.
3.Grammar and communication skills.

3. Command over language and communication skills are other skills employers are looking for.

4. Ability to learn is an essential quality employers are trying to find in the interviewee. Rigid and conservative mindsets will never help in a company in problem solving and smooth functioning.

5.Absence on Social Media
Firms are looking for people who are not active on social networks or job sites. HR managers prefer those people, who are stable, performers with less on-line presence.
So consider these recommendation before you apply for a job.