Dressing up for D-Day

Published on April 11, 2015 12:34:25 PM
It is said, clothes make the man. However good you are in your subject knowledge, expertise and experience, your attire is going to play a major role in deciding the final outcome.

In today’s corporate culture,first impressions are, always the best impressions. So don’t take chances especially when a stranger is going to judge based on your experiences and your attire. Dressing up for interview, is as important as preparing for your interview date.

The formal interview
You are expected to dress up better than you normally dress up. Given the job profile, you are being interviewing for, your attire may vary. But generally, suit is the ideal attire, for both men and women. Luckily, for the job seeker, they are never out of fashion.

Women can wear either a saree or regular corporate wear,based on the situation,organisation’s values and importance of the position.But the ideal colours are navy, brown and, during the scorching Indian summers, you can switch into light plain colours as well.

Patterns have to be avoided.You add some tinge of colours, but you should not be adventurous with your footwear.Sensible heel height is better.Shoes should match your shiny suit.
sober colours are the best  best on the D-Day. Pick good cotton wear over linen. Shoes have to be brown or black –avoid mixing different colours.

Business casual

Some companies might test your artistic abilities and fashion etiquette by deciding to go for a casual dress code.For both genders,casual wear need to be mixed and perfectly matched, ties sometimes with out shoes can look like less formal. When in doubt, follow these these fashion rules:
No jeans and T-shirts. Stick to your standard Business casual – it will save the day for you.
Finally, ensure that your shoes are polished well.