UGC steps ahead to help students

Published on May 10, 2015 17:04:58 PM
To help students deal with problems such as stress, anxiety and homesickness the University Grants Commission (UGC) has asked all central universities and higher education institutions to provide a counseling system.

"Higher education institutions should mandatorily put in place a broad-based 'Students Counseling System' for the effective management of problems and challenges faced by students," the UGC has said.

It comes as a part of the "guidelines on Safety of Students on and off Campuses of Higher Educational Institutions" directive that is shared with all categories under UGC, asking to alter their regulations and other statutory provisions to make sure that it is implemented for the betterment of students.

"It should be a unique, interactive and target-oriented system, involving students, teachers and parents, resolved to address common student concerns ranging from anxiety, stress, fear of change and failure to homesickness and a slew of academic worries," it said.

"It should bridge the formal as well as communicative gaps between the students and the institution at large," the guidelines added.

UGC also said that each teacher can be in touch with 25 students to provide personal hearing that the students are facing and in turn report their parents regarding the same.

"Teacher counselors, trained to act as the guardians of students at the college level, should remain in close touch with the students allotted to them (batch of 25 students) throughout the year, cater to their emotional and intellectual needs and convey their growth report and feedback on attendance, examination results etc. to their parents at regular interval of time.”

"Teacher counselors can coordinate with wardens of hostels and exchange personal details of students, academic record and behaviour patterns for prompt pre-emptive or corrective action," the guidelines said.

The commission has also said the universities to maintain their own police stations so that they can handle any crisis and untoward incidents that happen at the campus.

The guidelines also recommend practices that are implemented worldwide such as ‘Warn Me’ model which was developed by the University of California, Berkley, which helps by sending emergency messages via mobile and Internet.