Telangana Industries minister inaugurates educational expo

Published on April 06, 2015 09:53:25 AM
Telangana Industries Minister Jupalli Krishna Rao inaugurated the VIDYA 2015 Educational expo in Hyderabad on Sunday. The two-day expo was organized to help the parents in choosing the right educational institutions for their children.
The expo saw the participation of numerous organisations including firms dealing with IT solutions geared towards specific designs that seek to meet the requirements of schools.

The organizer of the expo, Santosh Bhandaru, director of My office said they have specialized in creating smart solutions for a wide range of industry fields.

My office recently launched a software application called EMS (Education Management System) which is a comprehensive and user friendly solution to manage the next generation of education Institutes. EMS is a highly customised software, which helps the schools, students, parents in attendance management, report cards and paying fees, Santosh Bhandaru added.