End of a tryst with books

Published on May 02, 2015 18:43:04 PM
AA Husain & Sons, a landmark bookshop that for generations had attracted the bibliophiles from all over the city will be closing down soon.

The current owner, Asif Hussain said, a general decline of reading habit and fierce competition from online booking sites have badly hit up on his business. He said he has taken the painful decision to close down the business, after announcing a 50 percent discount on all books till the stock is cleared.

Of late, the book shop had seen a sharp fall in the number of its patrons, which made it difficult for him to function any more, he added. With the closure of this iconic book shop, Hyderabad will be missing a rich legacy of books and their ardent followers who used to frequent the streets of Abids in search of the recent trends in world literature.