New methods reduce heart attack risk in CVD patients

Published on May 30, 2015 00:26:44 AM

Newer procedures like drug eluting stents and dual anti-platelet therapy have come in as a big relief to the cardiovascular disease (CVD) patients, lowering the risk of heart attack in them. According to experts, there has been a 50 per cent increase in the incidents of CVD among the younger generation in the last three to four years. They observed that 65 per cent of the people with diabetes die from heart disease and stroke because of delayed treatment and with Hyderabad being the diabetic capital of the country, doctors cautioned the people to be alert.

Interventional cardiologist at Citizen Hospital Srinivas Kumar said, “People suffering with diabetes die from heart disease and stroke because of the damage that occurs to the circulatory system from elevated blood sugars along with high blood pressure and abnormal blood cholesterol and fat metabolism.

Data from the National Health Profile (NHP) - 2013 revealed that incidence of Coronary Artery Disease in 2015 would rise to 6.15 crore, up 30 per cent over 2010. The 2015 projection for diabetes is 4.5 crore, up 21 per cent since 2010. The statistics are synonymous to the crisis-like situation.”

The doctor said that a minimally invasive treatment to a coronary artery disease that uses stent to restore blood flow is called stenting. “Drug eluting stents (DES) are new generation stents which provide structural support to the coronary artery. With a medicated coating they help to prevent re-narrowing (restenosis) and help to treat the patient in one surgery and to avoid multiple surgeries,” he said.

Sharing his views, interventional cardiologist at Sunshine Hospital Dr Sridhar Kasturi highlighted the topic of stent thrombosis, a rare condition when a previously placed stent in a coronary artery suddenly gets blocked because of a blood clot.

"This can be prevented by giving DAPT (Dual – Antiplatelet Therapy) to the patient who has been implanted with either of the stents. DAPT is a combination of two drugs (asprin and clopidogrel) that are given orally to these patients to prevent stent thrombosis which is a latest technique that will be beneficial in treating this condition."

He said, “Awareness on heart diseases in India is not as much as it is has to be like in the western world. In the west, the death rate because of cardiovascular diseases has dropped significantly due to sustained awareness campaigns. It is time for taking up similar measures here.”