Inclusive growth key to golden future

Published on May 30, 2015 00:05:39 AM

The origins of a revolution or any struggle may begin as the idea of one individual, but it requires the master mind and the unified spirit of a committed lot of like-minded individuals to translate that single idea into reality. Even in the case of the struggle for separate state of Telangana, many sections of people – students, government employees, workers, teachers and others, formed joint action committees and pooled efforts to achieve the common goal.

Now that Telangana is a reality, those who had contributed significantly to the achievement of statehood have differing views on governance, but are united in their expectations of a bright future.

The formation of Telangana State has become a reality after decades of struggle by various sections of people. It was the result of a collective effort. And the carving out of a separate State in itself is a big achievement for the people of Telangana. Now, it is time for consolidation of our victory and striving for the realisation of our next goal: Golden Telangana.

Golden Telangana refers to a State where there should be no poverty and oppression. It can be achieved only by following the path of inclusive growth and by empowering the oppressed communities. For this, the State government has to focus on certain sectors. If it focuses on these sectors, the pace of achieving the Golden Telangana can be accelerated. The people of the State are eagerly awaiting to see it.

Prof M Kodandaram

Telangana Joint Action Committee chairman

The people of the State have always desired a democratic Telangana. Those who wanted to capture power might have thought of Golden Telangana. The genesis of the agitation for separate State lay in the decades-long exploitation of the people of the State by the Andhra rulers. They have always thought of retaining all natural resources; legitimate rights over water, jobs and lands as part of the separate State agitation.

However, the State government, instead of fulfilling the dreams of the people, is going after corporate companies with an intention to hand over the valuable lands of the State. There is a clear contradiction between what the CM is saying and what he is doing. Instead of taking back the land encroached by the Andhra people, the State government is trying to take back the land of OU. The real democratic Telangana is giving access to all sections of society in crucial areas like land, water, jobs and basic rights of the State. The state government should strive towards achieving this.

P Vara Vara Rao

Prominent Telangana activist and revolutionary writer

The realisation of a developed Telangana can be achieved only when the rights of dalit and Bahujans of the State are restored to them. These sections have thought that they would get back their rights over natural resources like land, water and jobs during the struggle for the separate State.

However, even after the formation of the new State, the people of the State are eagerly awaiting to claim their rights. The State government is not taking any steps to restore these rights. It is working towards protecting the rights of the rich and the mighty. Unless the State government puts a full stop to these kinds of acts, a developed Telangana cannot be a reality.


Convenor of Arunodaya

The Golden Telangana is a Telangana where we should not have deaths of any farmer; there should be drinking water connection to every household; jobs for unemployed youth and houses for houseless people of the State. However, these issues are yet to be addressed by the State government in its one-year-long rule.

The recent statements of CM KCR that they would take over the land of OU to construct houses for the poor are hurting the student community a lot. Such statements have to be stopped immediately. The TRS-led State government has made all these promises in its pre-poll manifesto. It should implement all these promises without fail.

J Kalyan

OU JAC Leader

The Golden Telangana can be achieved only by removing the discriminations pertaining to social, cultural, economic, political and other kinds of imbalances. The evils are like caste inequalities, the existence of untouchability of 24 types. The Justice Punnaiah Commission long back enlisted 24 types of untouchability prevalent in the State.

Many Dalits are not still allowed to enter the temples of Hyderabad and Ranga Reddy districts of the State. The State government should take steps on priority basis to put a full stop on this discrimination. Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao had promised to launch free KG-PG scheme.

However, he allocated just Rs 25 crore for the scheme which is not enough to launch it. The common schooling system cannot be possible unless the CM removes the corporate school system with a different level of hierarchy. Some schools are called global schools and some are called world schools. The students studying in state-run schools cannot compete with the students of corporate schools for obvious reasons.

The State government should immediately remove the hierarchy system. Economic discrimination also exists in the State. While industrialists like Tatas and Birlas are earning crores, 72 per cent of the Telangana population is surviving on less than Rs.125 income every day as per Planning Commission’s report. The State government should take steps to remove all these discriminations and inequalities.

Dr. Gali Vinod Kumar

Chairman, Social Justice Telangana JAC

Telangana is the most of backward State in the country in the fields of education and health. Child labour is the highest in the State. Thirty per cent of the budget of the State government should be allocated for the school education sector. Five percent of the total budget should be allocated for higher education sector as majority of the students lack employability skills.

The funds so allocated by the State should be used towards increasing the employability skills of the unemployed students and make them employable. Provision of good health care is also equally important for all of us. Ten percent of the annual budget should be allocated for the health sector to develop our hospitals.

Prof PL Visweswara Rao

OU professor (retd) and prominent Telangana activist

The creation of Golden Telangana is about everything. It is about recalling the sacrifices made by the martyrs for achieving the separate statehood. However, I strongly feel it is not happening in the State. The state government has forgotten the sacrifices made by the people of the State during the Veera Telangana struggle, which began protesting the autocratic Nizam’s rule.

Twenty two students sacrificed their lives in the year 1952 during the first Telangana struggle and over 360 people sacrificed during the 1969 struggle. However, no attempts have been made by the State government to recall the sacrifices made by these people by the State government.

This has to be done immediately. On the other hand, the State government appears to be suffering from corporate companies’ mania. Instead of helping the poor and needy people of the State, it is trying to woo corporate and MNC companies by making huge promises. The farmers and common people of the State are suffering from various problems.

I want the State government to focus its attention on these issues first before showing hastiness to attract MNC companies. The Golden Telangana is also not possible without involving each and every person of Telangana state. The State should take any decision unilaterally without consulting the people as they have every right to participate in the process of governance and realise the Bangaru Telangana state.

K Pratap Reddy

General Secretary, Telangana Martyrs Trust

The Golden Telangana should be the sustainable Telangana. The State government has done a great job by taking initiatives like Mission Kakatiya, Haritha Haram programmes as it would be the first step towards achieving sustainable development. It has also shifted its focus on renewable energy, especially solar power production, which is commendable. The government should put a ban on sand mining, except in Godavari basin in the State, as it would damage our eco system a lot.

The entire house system should be green by introducing methods like Rain Water Harvesting System (RWH) and usage of solar equipment. There is no specific skill development policy. The promotion of Industrial Policy, like according permissions to perspective investors within 15 days, is not possible without conducting statutory Environment Impact Assessment Study (EIAS) and public hearing. It should clearly give clarification on this issue.

Hyderabad should have a Master Plan and it should be prepared in consultation with people of the city. The Master Plan should be frozen so that it cannot be amended for two hundred years. This would help in creating millions of jobs to the jobless and unemployed youth of the State. The state government should give focus to higher education and take affirmative steps by appointing VCs to strengthen thereby moving towards achieving the sustainable State.

Prof K Purushotam Reddy

Telangana activist and environmentalist