Govt must strive for social harmony

Published on May 29, 2015 00:10:03 AM

India is a country with spiritual values and devotion. It is a country with many cultures and traditions. It holds a special recognition for its different cultures and languages. It is also considered as a land of sanctity where women are respected and Vedas are practised. As Telangana is completing one year of its formation, Madhuri Dasagrandhi speaks to the spiritually inclined personalities and seeks what best must be done further.

I congratulate Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao for achieving what he has dreamt. I wish to suggest that the CM should concentrate on developing Alampur Jogulamba Temple as per Aagama Shastra. I am advocating this in the larger interest of Telangana State. The attempts made earlier by the then chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu in the combined State to change the Aagama had resulted in an unpleasant way. Everybody knows that he escaped with injuries at Alipiri. He even ignored the suggestions by Ganapathi Sthapathi while changing the Aagama principles of the Jogulamba Temple.

I suggest Chief Minister KCR to take up the Jogulamba Temple project on war footing, in consultation with Aagama pandits, seers of the established peethams, in order to initiate proper Aagama proceedings at Jogulamba Temple. It is the top priority on which KCR has to deploy a special mission. I am ready to support the Telangana government in this particular aspect, as Jogulamba is the most powerful Goddess on the divine land of Telangana. Once the Jogulamba Temple is renovated as per Aagama dharma, Telangana will be protected from the evil forces.

The Chief Minister should concentrate more on uplift of archakas in Telangana, as thousands of archaka families are almost below poverty line. While appreciating the Chief Minister’s efforts over the development of temples across ten districts in the State, I also want him to concentrate more on Vemulawada, Basara and Dharmapuri kshetrams, as they are considered as pious.

With reference to Yadagiri Gutta, I wish to suggest to the Chief Minister to take locals into confidence and restore the same old name instead of renaming it as Yadadri. People of Telangana are connected emotionally with the name Yadagiri Gutta and the ruler has to take decisions as per the wishes of the people. Hope KCR will do it, as he is the man of masses.

I also want to congratulate Telangana government, which has taken up special missions’ like development of old tanks. This is a people-friendly task. I bless the Telangana government on its first anniversary. My intuition has been prompting me to convey that Telangana will have a comfortable rainfall this year, which will enable the agricultural sector to become self-reliant in the days to come.

Swamy Swaroopanandendra, Visakha Sarada Peetham

Formation of Telangana State is indeed a historic event. We are all witness to it. Though it is too early to assess the performance of the government it can be easily said that the government started on positive note. We don’t hear much of political corruption. The State is carved out with a great hope that villages of Telangana will wear a fresh look and usher in a new era where unemployment and several social needs will be subjects of past and youth power will be channelised for speedy progress of the new State.

Yet, priorities seem to be missing and utopian thoughts dominate. However, law and order seem to be effective and a cordial atmosphere prevails. KCR should be complimented for Mission Kakatiya and Water Grid which will give the State a great future. However, political management seems to have lost its wisdom. It is unethical to woo the elected members of other parties and position them in the seat of power.

In the long run it will be counterproductive and does no good. In the spirit of federalism all political parties should function in cohesion and voice of dissent should be welcome. KCR, a deeply religious person, is indeed doing a good work in the field of endowment and Yadadri is a testimony to this. It is not enough if one is ritualistic. Social harmony is paramount.

Let short-term and long-term policies of his government strike a perfect balance in redefining and refining the State. Literacy, health, basic aminities and other social needs should gain priority over other ambitious programmes. Optimism is strength, pessimism is death.

VSR Moorty, Spiritual scientist

Swachh Bharat has been organised in a great way in Telangana. Leaders and government officials personally participated and guided general public in making Telangana clean and green. In order to utilise full potential of youth of Telangana, it is necessary to increase enthusiasm and strength of youth through Yoga and meditation.

With the United Nations recognising June 21 as World Yoga Day, it is all the more appropriate to encourage government employees to practise yoga and meditation, which not only will relieve them of stress, but also will result in better health. Organisations like Art of Living can help in guiding meditation camps in offices and establishments. Yoga and meditation sessions could be conducted for employees, a practice which is common across governments in the world.

New States can embrace this way of building and start things in new way. The long term development of any region will only happen through education and empowerment and a sense of belongingness which is also the core of the teachings of The Art of Living Foundation. This comes only when mind is free from stress.

Vani Bala, The Art of Living, State media coordinator

I congratulate the government for completing one year with positive developments. Our Chief Minister is doing a good job by taking forward the development through unanimity. As per my view I believe in Dharmasyakaaranamraja: Raja kaalasyakaaranam.

This phrase says that if dharma is maintained by the ruler then the time is automatically set and everything falls in its place. I feel that commercialisation and corruption are dominating various sectors including agriculture, education, medicine and temples. If the leader concentrates on these sectors by punishing the corrupt, things will be set right.

Kandadai Ramanujacharya, Upanyasa Shiromani

Telangana government undoubtedly is a divine blessing as its decisions and schemes are focusing on development of farmers, uninterrupted power supply, quality rice and many more. The speed and the way in which KCR is tackling the issues with a clear objective, I am sure within a few years Telangana would emerge as the best State in India.

I pray the Almighty to give KCR and his team the required political will to transform Telangana as the best State in India.

Govind Hari, entrepreneur and chairman of Pushpagiri Eye Institute

I am happy to say that Telangana has set an example to other States. However, there are many temples which should still be developed as the State has very old and famous temples. The Endowments Department should take up steps to encourage harikatha, puranas, bhajans among other activities in rural areas.

And in urban areas the youth need logical teachings where they can understand the science behind the Vedas and Vedanta Sahityam. I am unhappy with the movies as they are changing the original content of the puranas. A strong research is needed in this regard.

Kuppa Venkata Krishna Murthy, CMD, Institute of Scientific Research on Vedas

I feel that the formation of Telangana happened on punarvasu nakshatram (2-6-2014), Jaya naama samvatsaram and in karkataka (Cancer) raasi. This is Lord Rama’s star and this star will bring Ramarajyam. Astrologically speaking, our CM belongs to moon sign cancer and this will bring him a lot of luck.

And the most auspicious thing is having the Godavari Pushkaralu falling in the second year of its formation in Manmatha Naama year.

Damodara Sarma, State vastujotishya pandit

Telangana has achieved unparalleled victory. Allocation of funds to religious places is a good sign of development. The government should be appreciated for this gesture. The KCR government is getting devoted to one section of Hindu dharma. I am unhappy that the name of Yadagiri Gutta has been changed to Yadadri. Rechristening the name of Yadagiri Gutta was carried out at the behest of a section of Hindus. How can the time-tested name of Yadagiri Gutta be changed to Yadadri all of a sudden? I don’t see any rationale behind it.

All temples should be treated equally. Vemulavada is a revenue spinner for the government of Telangana. Chief Minister or his representatives should present silk clothes to the presiding deity at Vemulavada Rajarajeshwaraswamy temple on the occasion of Siva Ratri because of the superstition that political functionaries visiting the temple are sure to lose their position. The superstition should be dispelled.

I am very happy to note that KCR is religious. Whenever I switch on a devotional channel it is very sad to note the channels are airing discourses by scholars from Andhra Pradesh and I rarely find scholars from Telangana. Telangana has no dearth of scholars. In fact, Wanaparthy and Gadwal princely states are known for their scholars. I request the government to ensure that scholars from Telangana are presented in proper light.

Dr Garikipati Narasimha Rao, Sahasraavadhani