It\'s time to focus on jobs for youth

Published on May 27, 2015 00:59:47 AM

The development measures taken by Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, including uninterrupted power supply, no doubt have impressed the residents of the State. But, there is still a long way to go. Now it is time for the government to focus on implementation of the KG-PG education scheme, providing employment to jobless youth, employee welfare and developing the agriculture and industrial sectors.

Article-371 D of Indian Constitution is being implemented in the State. The State government should immediately ensure that the natives of Telangana get jobs and justice is done to them. Even after the formation of Telangana State, Andhra officers are still dominating the workers of our State. The State government should take steps to prevent such incidents. Many of the workers of coal mines are being harassed by the higher officials of the company.

There should be no scope for harassment for workers as it would lead to demoralisation among the employees. The concept of trade unionism is not the one promoted by the Singereni Collieries management. The State government should take note of this issue and take necessary measures immediately. The State government can promote ‘We Feel’ concept to increase the production capacity of the coal mines. There is a need to develop opportunities in educational and health sectors of the State. Apart from this, the most important point to be noted here is taking immediate steps to promote job inheritance scheme in the Singareni so as to allow employees above the age of 55 years to take voluntary retirement to pave the way for the jobs of their wards.

This would not only reduce the financial burden on the company but would also help it in setting new records in coal production as young people would replace the elderly employees. There is a need to simplify the procedures for opting for voluntary retirement by the employees on medical grounds. If these measures are taken up, the golden Telangana can be easily achieved.

- M Raji Reddy,

Vice President, TBGKS

We are very soon going to celebrate the first birth anniversary of Telangana State. It is the occasion for the State government to rededicate itself in the service of the people and fulfill promises made by it before the elections. However, the Chief Minister is trying to mislead the people by making fresh promises without fulfilling the ones he already made. Around 1.7 lakh posts are still vacant in the State since the last one year and waiting for the mercy of the approval of the State government.

It should take immediate steps to fill up these posts. Apart from this, 2.5 lakh contracts, outsourcing and third party employees are working in various departments of the State since the last 15 years. The State government is hatching plans to regularise the services of only 25, 000 such employees while ignoring the remaining employees. This is not acceptable for us.

The State government should regularise all these employees immediately to achieve golden Telangana. The much hyped KG-PG scheme has to be implemented by the government. With the new industrial policy of the State government to be announced on June 7 could witness large amount of investments in the State.

- V Ratnakar Rao,

AITUC, General Secretary, Telangana

The Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao has turned out to be a messiah for the people of the State. He has implemented so many welfare schemes for the people of the State and its employees. If these schemes are properly implemented, the realisation of golden Telangana will not be very far. I think the State has already embarked upon the journey to realise the dream of 3.5 crore people of the State. For instance, it succeeded in providing round the clock power to various sectors of the State like domestic, commercial and industrial sectors.

The State government should be very careful in the implementation of the programmes without distracting its attention towards any other issue. The employees of the State are geared up to realise the dream as the CM KCR had fulfilled all their demands.

-E Ashwathama Reddy,

Telangana Mazdoor Union President

The birth of Telangana has happened after decades of struggle. The two important sectors – agriculture and industrial are backward in the State. The output of these two sectors is nothing but the development of the State. However, currently the two sectors are not performing well. For instance, in Singereni Collieries, there were 1.2 lakh workers. However, the number has now come down to 65,000. The State government should immediately take up the process of setting up new coal mines.

This would help around 50,000 unemployed youth get new jobs. Apart from this, the upcoming thermal power plant would provide jobs to another 25,000 unemployed youth. The State government should also take up Bayyaram steel plant on priority basis as it would help create another 25,000 jobs for the unemployed lot in the State. Similarly, the State government should also take steps to reopen Fertiliser Corporation of India (FCI) as it would help create another 5,000 jobs for the people of the State.

The government should also take steps to leverage the huge cultivation of cotton crop in Adilabad and Karimnagar districts. It should also come to the rescue of the ailing industrial sector especially from medium and small scale industries. Our advice to the State government is that it should not go after foreign investors without addressing the internal problems to achieve the real golden Telangana in future.

-M Sai Babu,

CITU General Secretary Telangana State

The golden Telangana is the aspiration of each and every person of the State as all the people have actively participated in the agitation for separate Statehood. The first step to achieve Bangaru Telangana is the provision of the jobs to all unemployed youth. The second thing is to come to the rescue of the poor people. Many poor people are still deprived of many legitimate needs.

Therefore, the State government should take steps on a war footing to reach out to these sections. On the other hand, many companies like Kagaznagar Paper mills of Adilabad district and AP Rayons of Warangal were shut down leaving several workers jobless.

- R Prakash Goud, General Secretary,

INTUC, Telangana and PCC Labour Cell Chairman

It is definitely possible to achieve Golden Telangana. However, we are not in a position to achieve it. Business establishments of small and marginal nature are suffering a lot due to unscientific policies of the State government. The government should immediately reduce the prices of essential commodities. Many people of the State are deprived of ration cards.

Pensions were deprived to many of the existing pensioners as they were replaced with new ones. The State government should take immediate steps to rectify all these problems. Government vacancies should be immediately filled to benefit the unemployed youth of the State.

-M K Bose,

State General Secretary TNTUC, Telangana

The idea to achieve the dream of golden Telangana is noble. I am sure that Chief Minister of the State K Chandrashekar Rao will definitely achieve it. He should take steps to improve the living standards of the all sections of society. The State government has already taken many steps for the welfare of the workers. The best example of these initiatives is exemption of tax on auto, trolley and tractors. The CM KCR provided Rs 5 lakh accidental insurance for 5.80 lakh drivers from the unorganised sector. No government in the past even thought about such a welfare scheme.

He also enhanced the salaries of Anganwadi workers, who play a crucial in providing nutritious food to pregnant, lactating women and children. Lakhs of beedi workers were given pension by the CM. The State government had appointed the Minimum Wage Advisory Board and construction welfare board and labour welfare board for the welfare of the workers and laborers.

- P Narayana, State General Secretary, TRSKV, Telangana, Member, TS Minimum Wage Advisory Board

Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao has promised to turn the State into a Golden Telangana. He had already given fitment charges to government employees and RTC employees. However, he did not take any affirmative measures for the welfare of the workers and employees working in unorganised sectors. Majority of these people are earning a meager amount of Rs 2, 000 to Rs 6, 000. The golden Telangana cannot be achieved unless the State government shifts its focus on the welfare of these people.

The CM should take steps to ensure that the workers and employees from unorganised sector should at least get minimum wages of Rs 15, 000 every month. He should also regularise the services of existing contract and outsourced employees of the State to achieve golden Telangana.

- K Suryam, State General Secretary, IFTU

We want the people of Telangana to have access to better living standards. All unemployed youth should get jobs. Every decision should be taken in a democratic manner. The recent illegal encounter of the five inmates of a jail is a classic example of the government functioning in an undemocratic manner.

There is no link between what the government is saying and what it is doing. It should correct this negative aspect immediately. The lands belonging to tribals are forcefully being taken away. Such acts should be immediately stopped. -S Venkateswara Rao,

State President, IFTU, Telangana