Ignoring of Jayashankar in SSC textbooks decried

Published on May 25, 2015 01:30:44 AM

Telangana protagonists, educationists and academic experts have expressedserious displeasure at the neglect of Prof Kothapalli Jayashankar’s name in the newly changed school syllabus. The history part of the Social Studies text book for SSC does not carry a single word about the Telangana ideologue who passed away a year before the dream of Telangana has come true. When the syllabus was being designed by the experts and academicians it was informed that history books of the new school syllabus would carry brief of each and every personality participated in the Telangana movement.

However, the very ideologue of Shankar who supported the cause of separate state intellectually at various forums and was missing from the new syllabus to be imparted to the students from ensuing academic year. Prof N V S Lakshmi of JNTUH said that ignoring such an iconic personality of Telangana is a blunder by the state government. She said, “How come the syllabus committee that has designed it could ignore the name of Jayashankar who has designed the strategies of movement.”

Telling everything about the separate movement and hiding Jayashankar’s personality would be a sheer dishonesty to the students, she added. The Telangana State Council for Education, Research and Training SCERT prepared the syllabus and sent it to the printing authority. It has released the Social Studies book for the 10th standard two days ago.

PRTU general secretary P Sarotham Reddy said that earlier it was said that Telangana history, culture, art and culture would be included in the new syllabus but the iconic personality having a strong presence in the Telangana movement was ignored. It is very unfortunate as part of the state government that it has ignored the Telangana martyr, he said.

On the other hand Samajika Telangana JAC chairman Prof Gali Vinod Kumar said that the TRS government has developed the habit of ignoring important issues, important personalities and important activities. He said, “TRS government failed to assess the importance of the people on the basis of their contribution and stature but it assesses on the basis of monetary value.”