'Happy to see homeland grow'

Published on May 24, 2015 02:26:21 AM

The development measures taken by the Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao awed the residents and NRIs alike. While the residents get to directly contribute in a number of these activities such as Swachh Hyderabad, the Non Resident Indians rejoice in the steps taken by the Chief Minister marching towards a developed state. Also, they shared their views on how they wish to see the future of Telangana.

Formation of a separate state would really help the future generations. But everything has to be streamlined in the system. There are many lapses that may become black spots for the new State. The poor always get benefits from the government and the rich are becoming richer. Government has to take necessary steps to help the middle class citizens to have stress less life.

C Ravi Kiran, Washington, USA

Education is the stepping stone for success for any state. If we want to develop we need to understand the power of providing uniform education for all the people in the state irrespective of their cast, creed, status etc. This can be achieved only when the government and the people are in sync and share the same vision. How to provide uniform education? As a state we need to ensure that government schools are working properly and are on par with the private schools. This might seem like a daunting task but what we need to understand is the rewards of achieving this task will actually lead to a Golden Telangana.

Rohitha E, East Lansing, Michigan, USA

If you talk about development, I feel the government lack of sufficient knowledge on 'how to use current resources’ is also not going to help in so called development. So firstly if we want to achieve golden Telangana then we should work hard for considerable number of years to attain it.

Vivek K V, Mount Pleasant, Michigan, USA

Telangana needs to address its employment and hence poverty problems. If the Secretariat and many civil servants and officials feel responsible and work hard, we will have a chance for better development. Another important step towards development would be providing better education and job opportunities which would curb forces like Naxalism. We also need to have real allocation of water for irrigation instead of written allocation which will help us have better prospects in primary sector.

Mohan G, Mount Pleasant, Michigan, USA

The factors leading to a developed Telangana are lack of corruption, initiating power projects to fill the power deficit, revival of water tanks, efforts on reallocation of water share, minority welfare fund, hike in old age pensions, and efforts on reforms in policing. We have already worked on these and now we need to work on gaining public support as Telangana is a new state and has benefits, challenges that we have faced post bifurcation. I appreciate KCR is in the right direction on the right issues and for understanding the importance of the issues which concern the benefits of Telangana.

Aniruddh Vajjhala, Indiana, USA

I am very much impressed with the programs of Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, who wants to make Hyderabad a global destination. Whether he would do it or not, only time would tell. The Mission Kakatiya program is an interesting one. We were born and brought up in Hyderabad and once the city had many lakes but negligence by successive governments failed to protect the water bodies. At least the chief minister is thinking about the program. I want him to encourage the non-resident Indians to participate in the developmental process. The law and order has been good and thanks to the She Teams. I wish my state to be a role model state for the country. KCR can resist from appeasement politics or else there would be no difference between him and his predecessors. I see a bright future for the State under his leadership, as he made people’s dream of having separate state come true by fighting all odds.

Nityanand Gowda, Melbourn, Australia

Making bangaru Telagana is truly a wish to be fulfilled. This includes several irrigation and power projects that will ensure uninterrupted supply of electricity, including nine hours for farmers, and two pre- poll sops, a two bedroom house for the poor and free education from KG to PG with food and uniforms for poor children. For these sops to be launched with fanfare from May, the biggest concern is to find funds. KCR is, however, insistent that it can be done as Telangana is already spending Rs 28,000 crore through different welfare schemes like pensions, other doles and subsidies in supply of essential commodities to the poor. He points out that no other state in the country has provided such huge allocations in the annual budget for the benefit of the poor. But he is unclear as to where the funds will come. Bangaru Telangana dream, at best, will be fulfilled partially before the 2019 polls.

Karthik Ananthula, California, USA

The first step towards Bangaru Telagana is the single-window clearance system to make the process of granting clearances easy, which will be headed by the CS and other senior officials. The chasing Cell in CM’s office will ensure that within a week all the application papers are scrutinized and final approval is accorded. No other State in India today follows such an efficient, fast track, and transparent system. The other steps include over 12 lakh acres were being irrigated under 36,000 tanks in Telangana before 1956. Experts should see that all those tanks are revived again and are put to use. Sixty per cent of the farmers in the State were depending on minor irrigation sources for irrigating their lands. Now the Government has taken up the minor irrigation tanks’ construction as a major project so that there is no shortage of water for irrigation in the rural areas of Telangana.

Dhana Lakshmi, Los Angeles, USA

The decision to have the celebrations at Golconda Fort is part of the historical reconstruction of Telangana. The whole world was looking forward for the first Independence Day celebrations in the State and the occasion should reflect the history, culture, and tradition of the region. The historic monument, which is the main attraction for tourists, along with Charminar, has largely been neglected for decades and suffered extensive damage due to land-grabbing, illegal encroachments and vandalism. But now, it appears to be heading for better times. The second move was Sania Mirza being appointed as the Brand Ambassador. These are steps towards Bangaru Telangana and it will surely turn into reality.

Minu, Illinois, USA

It is good that we have achieved a separate Telangana. It was the dream of all the people. I think that creating more job opportunities would take the state forward. State government is doing well as of now but it should do something long lasting solution.

State government should now think something that the previous governments have not done for last sixty years. If the government takes initiatives to attract more IT companies in the state it would be appreciable because it is desirable.

It is difficult to judge any government in one year but if government develops the capital city Hyderabad it would surely attract the global investors. Government should give priority to higher education, universities and developing basic infrastructure.

It is also equally important for the government to maintain communal harmony to see the state progressing. We are hoping for the best and would like to see that the current government would perform well.

Aziz Khan, NRI-Shipping Industry-Dubai

After formation of new state, a rapid development has been under taken by the Telangana government. Basically, what we need is being provided by the KCR’s government. Making the Hyderabad city as safe and smart is a good goal and almost the effect of the governments are being shown in existence.

At present the Hyderabad citizens are facing trouble with traffic jams and I hope that once the functioning of metro rail starts, the problem would be rectified.

The government’s initiation about saving waqf lands is acceptable and the newly introduced schemes like Shadi Mubaraq are definitely helpful to poor Muslims.

Erstwhile Hyderabad state had Urdu as second language and we appreciate the Telangana government to passing orders related to the subject by making it optional by the student.

We are watching day to day news of Hyderabad city over web channels and the Swachh Hyderabad programme really making the Old City as clean. No government earlier took up the greenery aspect as serious as the KCR government. The goal of “Haritha Haram” is really appreciable for it targets plantation of about 50 lakh plants in the city. I hope the government definitely reaches its goal of "Bangaru Telangana"

Mohammad Syeduddin, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

I had come to Hyderabad about 6 months after the formation of Telangana. Reading the newspapers in Hyderabad and Saudi Arabia, I feel people in State are having better days than before. One change we are all glad about is the end to the violent unrest. It wasn’t pleasing to read every other day about yet another person setting himself on fire while agitating for separate statehood. Now the state is calm and the people seem to be relieved and happy. Even those who were not interested in separate statehood are gaining in some way or the other since the government seems to be going all out in making sure its people are pleased. Development of the old city is important. A majority of Hyderabadi NRIs are from the older parts of the city and they don’t feel good seeing no change in their localities as they visit home year after year. Is the Metro finally coming to the old city or not? Why is it such a big dilemma? Telangana and the new government are good, better than previous regimes and conditions, but that doesn’t mean we have arrived. The government still needs to work on many issues such as safety of women and children on our streets. We are doing well, but not excellent.

M H Wasif, Junior Architect, Saudi Arabia