'UPA bifurcated AP without any plan'

Published on May 23, 2015 01:31:39 AM

Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu said on Friday that the then UPA government at the Centre had bifurcated Andhra Pradesh without an iota of thought leaving the State without the capital. Addressing the district collectors at the State secretariat, the Chief Minister felt that the whole State has to be built from the scratch. "The UPA divided the State within half-an-hour without thinking about the consequences leaving Andhra Pradesh without a capital and minimum basic amenities," he remarked.

Naidu said that the Sivaramakrishnan Committee was appointed only to inflate the passions among the three regions of the State. In the name of appointing a committee to identify the suitable area for the capital, the UPA government only tried to raise tempers among the three regions, he explained.

However, the people have reposed faith in TDP and trusted "what we have told them about the capital and accepted Amaravati." With regard to the relations with Telangana, he said the State does not appear to extend cooperation to Andhra Pradesh and is also deepening the State’s trouble, making attempts to further rise sentiments among people, he observed.

Naidu cleared the fact that the State should not celebrate State formation Day on June 2, but should observe Nava Nirmana Deeksha, calling all sections of society across the State to actively take part in the programme. The State bifurcation has a serious impact on the people of the State and thus the Congress, which claims to have a 125-year-long history, was totally wiped out of the political scene in Andhra Pradesh, Naidu remarked.