SCR Tightens Security After Recent Train Robberies

Published on March 23, 2015 18:25:17 PM
In a bid to check the rising incidents of train robbery, authorities of the South Central Railways (SCR) have decided to increase the security measures in trains, to ensure safer journey for passengers.

A series of chain snatching incidents took place in the Chennai-Hyderabad Charminar Express on Saturday. The thieves pulled the alarm chain at 11:30 PM between the Ammanabrolu and Uppugundur stations on Chirala-Ongole section of Vijayawada division. As soon as the train stopped, the other thieves who were waiting outside entered the train and robbed the passengers mercilessly.

A few passengers lodged complaints at the Government Railway Police Station, Secunderabad. Aiming to avoid such incidents in future, the authorities have increased the security personnel on trains, especially the above mentioned train, which is a frequent target.

Many such incidents were reported earlier, but the SCR ignored them. However, this Saturday’s incident has opened the eyes of higher authorities.