City makes you forget your hometown

Published on May 18, 2015 01:13:11 AM
The beauty of Telangana and especially Hyderabad lies in the fact that it has always embraced diverse culture. The city so far has never disappointed anyone and probably this is one of the reasons why it has become a second home to people from different states. Almost a year into the bifurcation,  members of the Tamil community who have been living here for long, call the ‘city of pearls’ their home and talk about their connect with the city and also on what they expect from the new government.

The formation of Telangana State has certainly made a lot of difference to the people and personally, I can see vibrancy in every field and there is an air of positivity all around. Though I am from Tamil Nadu, I have been a part and parcel of this land for several decades and for the first time, I am able to see a government that has been giving equal importance to all sections of minorities – not just Muslims and Christians, but even the linguistic minorities like Tamilians, Punjabis or Gujaratis.

And here is a government that has put Hyderabad on the global map not just because it is an IT hub, but because it is the most happening city in the country with a lot of developmental activities. All through the year, there had been one programme or the other that has highlighted Hyderabad as a global city. It has generated a lot of employment. Thanks to our Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao who is a quick decision maker, the bureaucracy has become very active and things are moving very fast.

He has put right people in right places. Politics apart, I can say that Telangana formation has brought a new vigour and vibrancy in every field and I have no hesitation to believe that this new State would soon emerge as the potential investment destination in the coming days.
- G Venkat Raman, Event Manager

The Telangana government has been receptive to all the communities and acknowledges their festivals and cultures which is worth mentioning. We want the state to work towards increasing the quality of public life. The government should reduce burden of taxes on the citizens and should exclude VAT from essential commodities. Akin to Kerala Bhavan being built for cultural festivities, we want the state government to acknowledge our community and build a facility for our celebrations.
- MK Swamy, Private Employee

I think the new state will help improve our lives. If not us, our children will benefit from better job opportunities and better land & water resources. Perhaps there won't be marginalization of local dialects either. The fight for a separate Telangana hasn’t ended yet, since the state is not completely separated from Andhra yet. I don't find it strange that most of the political leaders fighting for Telangana are from Andhra! They have their own interests at heart. But this is not like the movement for Telangana when it first gained momentum in 1960s and 1970s. Every young boy and girl was involved in the movement back then.

It was a collective effort, an agitation for all backward and struggling communities. Neither was there any religious polarization in the movement. Back then a lot of members of the Muslim and Christian community were involved actively. Of course Telangana's separation from Andhra will help its people in the long term, but nobody will demand that people from Andhra, who are settled here should move. They will continue to work and live here, and there shall be no conflict. Or at least that’s what I’m hoping for!
- Dominic Savio Joseph / PR Consultant

The newly formed state has been progressive towards ending the menace of corruption. Following the launch of Anti-Corruption helpline, the harassment of the officers and peshis working in government offices has reduced drastically. Being a civil contractor, I have witnessed the reduction of corruption in the system. We highly appreciate the progressive steps of Telangana government towards making Telangana a corruption-free state.

We need the same support from to avoid irregularities in the development works. The government should continue to crack its whip against the corrupt officials. I want the government to implement the KG to PG free education as promised during general elections from this academic year. If the scheme is implemented, the literacy rate would be enhanced in the state which would pave way for Bangaru Telangana.
- M Kumar, Civil Contractor

The state government is yet to fulfill the aspirations of the state youth. We want the government to keep up all the promises it made during the polls. The launch of She teams and the redesigning of the police department as citizen police is definitely a welcome decision. The government should further take steps to make both the city and state free of crime against women. Any government or state can progress only if women are empowered.
- K Vinay Kumar, employee at Genpact

Definitely the government needs to step up for living up to the expectations of the youth. More of skill development programmes which benefit the unemployed youth should be initiated all the ones that have been scrapped previously should be resumed to aid the unorganised sector. The housing for the poor with adequate space unlike the Rajiv Gandhi Gruha Kalpa homes as announced by the Chief Minister has not materialized yet. People of the state have voted believing that their lives would improve. However, most of the announcements made during the polls have just proven to be a lip-service.
- S Sandeep, student

The security provided at the IT corridors with ‘SHE Teams’ and visible policing has induced safety amongst the working women. The concept of citizen friendly police launched by the government has been key in reducing the fissure between the cab drivers and police. The government should take steps in providing lung spaces in each village/town. Under the garb of development most of the trees in the city have been felled and the available open lands have been converted into concrete structures. This has been leading to a poor health amongst city dwellers.
- Hosanna Mahendra,
MNC employee

As a chef, I have been to all metros and other major cities of India, and I find Hyderabad the best. It is the one city that makes me almost forget my hometown; Chennai. The people here are the most friendly and soft-spoken; I don't find such cordial people in other major cities. Living here, I find it enough to visit my hometown only once a year! The cost of living here is superb, when you compare it to other major cities of India. During the Telangana agitation, the hospitality industry had suffered greatly since it is dependent on visits from foreigners and VIPs or celebrities.

People had stopped coming to Hyderabad and business suffered, but soon after the formation of Telangana, the industry picked up and today it is fairly stable; we are well-booked on most days. What I see after the separation is better policing, lesser public disturbances, more stability in general, better business, an upsurge in the happenings in city, and a sense of safety and calm. I like the new Telangana and have no complaints at all.   
- Guru Nathan/Pastry Chef, Marriott Hotel