Tough days for Rice Milling Industry

Published on March 18, 2015 16:58:19 PM
The rice milling industry in Karimnagar district is facing severe financial crisis with the cost of production touching the sky.

Many rice mills in the district are now on the verge of shutting down their business as millers could not cope up with the present day expenses. However, there is a ray of hope if Telangana government considers their plea and hikes the prices. Currently the millers are getting Rs 15 per quintal on raw rice and Rs 25 per quintal on boiled rice. These prices remain unchanged since two decades and the rates are now completely uneconomical due to various factors.

A rice miller said that they are unable to pay power bills of Rs one lakh per month and in addition they also have to bear the burden of bank loans. He said that he is planning to sell his two mills to avoid further damage.

The millers association recently registered a complaint with the authorities that the yield from paddy was less because of weather conditions and other factors. Many millers opined that the industry would survive in the district only if the government creates an open market and allows them to purchase paddy directly from the farmers. Millers here are forced to purchase paddy at Rs 1,400 per quintal, while it is Rs 1,200 per quintal in the neighboring states.