MCK starts special drive to collect tax dues

Published on March 18, 2015 17:19:55 PM
The Municipal Corporation of Karimnagar has started a special drive to collect the pending property tax dues.

Firstly, the MCK authorities visited the Markfed which had to pay Rs 87.23 lakhs to the corporation. In a quick response, the federation paid Rs 25 lakhs. However, the conflict arrived when the municipal officials asked Karimnagar diary to pay off their due amount of Rs 33 lakhs. The diary’s chairman said that they are paying the tax to nearby gram panchayat, as the dairy falls under its jurisdiction. The revenue authorities said that they would conduct a survey and collect taxes accordingly hereafter.

A door to door drive to collect the tax dues has also been launched by the municipal authorities. They have appealed to the residents and other commercial complexes in the town to pay the pending dues on time and help in the overall development of the Karimnagar town. Hope this drive fills the treasury of the corporation.