'Telangana has great history, culture'

Published on May 17, 2015 02:27:44 AM
Famous Telangana historian Dr Jaishetty Ramanaiah said on Friday that history is always a source to public for knowing a region’s culture and tradition.  Speaking as a chief guest at a  seminar "Telangana Historical and Cultural Glory” held at Srinivasa Hotel, he said taht Telangana has great history and culture. The government’s flagship programme Mission Kakatiya is an inspirational programme from Kakatiya dynasty. In future Telangana will become a bridge between north and south India, he added.

He informed that in 6th century BC both Jain and Buddha religions entered Telangana and that there are historical evidences that Jain Bhahu Bali ruled form Bodhan. He informed about the excavations performed at the Buddha monuments and also explained about historical importance of Bodhanakurthy of Khanapur Mandal. He also said that the Archaeology department, while excavating between 1968 and 74, 1978 and 1983 at Pedda Bankuru, DuliKatta and Kotilingala, discovered various inscriptions and found that, Pedda Bankuru was a Shathavahana dyanasty village and DuliKatta and Kotilingala were towns.

He said historical evidences show that Kotilingala fort was constructed in third and fourth centuries. He also informed that six coins of the last ruler of Kotilingala King Chimukudu, found during excavations at Vellatur Mandal, confirmed the rule of Shathavahanas. He also informed that there are evidences that during 4th and 5th centuries BC VishnuKundaneelu ruled Telangana, and also during their regime between 550-750 AD Badami Chalukulu, during 750-973 AD Chalukulu, constructed Bheemeshwari, Nagareshwari Temples in Vemulawada.

He also informed that in 1059, Kakatiya king Rudrmadevudu ruled this region from Anumakond which is now Hanumakonda, constructed Thousand Pillars Temple and laid foundation for Warangal fort. Telangan had many temples, forts and water bodies constructed by rulers of this region. He appreciated vision and services of the then rulers for the welfare of public. In this program Konduru Jagan Mohan Tao, Dr samudrala Janardhanrao, Muduganti Sudahkar Reddy, Ch Rajeshwar Rao, poet Srinivas Raju, LIMCA awardee Satya Tirunagari participated.