Jute jewellery takes city by storm

Published on May 17, 2015 02:18:47 AM
New trends keep the fashion world going and help to give a new look to the people. Jewellery is witnessing novel designs, new material and beautiful works. Now the trend in jewellery is jute products, which are coming out in vibrant colours and shapes, finding a special place in every woman’s styling.

Women are opting for jute jewellery due to its perfect shades and colours. It is one of the oldest types of jewellery in the world, primarily fashioned in India. Jute art has been flourishing since the Indus Valley civilisation in the country. The varied cultures and moods of the city people have given rise to many challenging crafts which are reflected in jute fashion jewellery.

They are popular because of their ethnic style and beautiful bright colours. Jute jewellery is often handmade and is at par with expensive items in terms of beauty of design and the variety offered. Jewellery designer K Sahiti says, "Jewellery designing is a very interesting job which involves a lot of creativity and patience and one has to take care of minute details. Unlike other jewellery in the market, jute jewellery is not heavy and it is one positive thing that attracts customers. It gives me a chance to experiment with different shapes and sizes.”

Sahiti further says, "They are painted, carved or embossed with patterns and materials like beads and stones. Jewellery-making has also helped me in understanding the fashion trends suiting the customer’s tastes and I am coming up with more and more interesting and innovative designs. Contemporary designs are also in demand as they bring in a lot of abstract shapes and designs into use.”

Another jewellery designer M Madhavi says, "Jute jewellery has only made my life more bright and colourful. Initially, I only knew how to make basic items like bags and pouches from jute. Later, I learnt making jewellery, which turned out to be an interesting thing. The jewellery I make is very contemporary with a lot of beads, stones and mirrors in fashionable shapes. Big pendants are the most preferred.”

Fashion enthusiast A Sucharitha says, "Jute jewellery is one of the best that ladies can wear around their necks. They are so light weight that one can carry them with ease. The blend of different shapes and shades in the design is the added advantage to these jewellery pieces.”