Enhancing Vibrancy of Brand Telangana

Published on June 15, 2015 01:05:03 AM

Vishal Reddy, the founder of WOWSOME, is a zealous serial entrepreneur, innovator and skilled business manager with concerns in advertising, luxury, technology and biotech. with even a successful stint in agriculture in Africa, as well. Vishal brings in the most current practices and a coherent vision to any enterprise he honours.

Karan Bhangay, the co-founder of WOWSOME, is best described as a social impact serial entrepreneur and the brain behind more than half a dozen start-ups and burgeoning ventures. His ambition, vision and prowess has been instrumental in scripting many success stories such as establishing Jukebox Media – the leading entertainment and lifestyle firm in South India.

Great Augmented Reality campaigns deliver a seamless experience where users cannot differentiate between the real world and its virtual augmentation

WOWSOME is an app that lets you interact with visual patterns around you, adding amazing digital content to your vision. With WOWSOME, books, art, newspapers, print ads, posters, store-displays and billboards seem to play with you! The app, created by the entrepreneurial duo Vishal Reddy and Karan Bhangay, is based on the revolutionary technology called Augmented Reality (AR).

With WOWSOME, you get instant access to relevant videos, photographs, references, deals and orders on the feature or advertisement you are reading. “Many times we feel like sharing an interesting article we read in the newspaper with our friends & family in the digital world or maybe just save it on our phones for action later.

WOWSOME gives you this experience by adding a dimension of interactivity to print newspaper,” said the founder Vishal Reddy, speaking about his latest invention at the Think Telangana Summit 2015.

Karan Bhangay believes that WOWSOME is the new mass medium of advertising. “Coming from a print background, we saw that social media was taking over all the print revenues for most of the publications. We thought we should add more life to the print media’s dead content. We wanted to add more layers of digital content. That’s how we came up with the idea through which content could be more creative,” he said.

AR breaks the monotony and intelligently places a brand in the perspective of real world surroundings creating a solid human-brand interface. WOWSOME enhances a regular print ad by connecting it to short videos, quick links and deals. All you have to do is scan the image (through the app) you want to know more about and the app will take you to its related content on the web. You can then know more and even order the product immediately, or just share with friends.

Stunning, interactive, real time and virtually unlimited real estate can be added to print by extending it on to smartphone screens. A brand’s audience is hence quickly led from offline to online media with a hyper-immersive and hyper-targeted experience unlike anything seen before.

“Great Augmented Reality campaigns deliver a seamless experience where users cannot differentiate between the real world and its virtual augmentation. With 160 million smart phone users in India braced by steady 3G data, expected to grow by a staggering 225 million before the end of 2015, Augmented Reality will soon be ubiquitous as the ultimate mass medium of advertising,” said Vishal confidently to a curious audience comprising college students and public figures.

“In the next five years, Augmented Reality would be deeply integrated with systems around us. Brands will pre-budget for significant spends in AR, as they currently do for digital marketing. All smartphone users will adopt this new way to interact with real world surroundings & brands,” added Bhagnay.

With more than 50 brands already associated with them, including big names such as L'Oreal Paris India and Being Human, Vishal and Karan are hoping to raise the number by 100% soon. Going by the revolutionary nature of this quirky idea, their goal seems to be easily at hand.