RMPs playing with people's lives

Published on May 14, 2015 01:53:44 AM
With medicos showing unwillingness to work in the rural areas, government has established a parallel medical wing called Registered Medical Practitioners (RMP) and Private Medical Practitioners (PMP) to provide first aid to the rural poor and refer the patients to hospitals when required.

However, owing to selfish intentions, the RMPs and PMPs have started giving treatment on par with MBBS doctors, putting the lives of the innocent people in danger. In several cases, there have been deaths, especially among pregnant women and patients with heart problems. "There are approximate 6000 RMPs and PMPs serving the public today and their main duty is limited to providing basic first aid,” said Raja Gopala Chary, president, Private Medical Practitioners Association of India (PMPAI).

"Majority of them are crossing their limits and using the doctor tag before their names, which is definitely against the norms and is considered a crime,” he added. Leaders of Lok Satta Party had voiced their discontent with RMPs and PMPs who claim themselves to be doctors and advised them to voluntarily remove the ‘Dr’ prefix to avoid legal action. Similar views were expressed by the officials of DMHO.

While the government spends lakhs of rupees and leaves no stone unturned to provide quality health services to the rural folk, fact remains that 90% of the medicos expressed their unwillingness to work in the rural areas, denying the them their right to decent health services. The Primary Health Centres set up in some villages are ideally supposed to be run by the doctors to render their services to the poor. In reality, these centres are majorly run by inexperienced nurses.