Stop Educomp-like swindle

Published on May 12, 2015 01:04:47 AM
A smart cheating was noticed after the victims harassed and served legal notices, by service provider. One can wonder after listening, as to   how the Delhi based Educomp smart classes’ education firm cheated schools throughout the nation in the name of conventional class room teaching. To attract more schools they gave advertisements in all the leading newspapers and contacted them personally. About 7000 schools throughout including India signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Educomps in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Maharashtra and other North-east States for five years and collected many crores.

From the beginning, Educomp did not provide basic service as per the terms and conditions and there were day to day problems in providing digital education. Later the company stopped after servicing for two years. Since it didn’t respond to schools’ complaints, it failed to fulfill the contractual agreement. Presently, the company is harassing various schools by serving legal notices, putting the schools in trouble. One of the Educomp victims Peddapally MLA Manohar Reddy of Telangana, who is the Chairman of Trinity Educational Institutions, informed that he also signed a MoU with Educomp for availing 100 classes to students.

The first year was fine, but from second year, problems came up with Educomp as they didn’t abide by their promises. He said that besides his institution, many schools in the district signed a MoU with Educomp in order to present virtual classrooms. As per his knowledge, Educomp collected about five to 10 crores from district schools. The MLA also informed that Educomp schools lost their reputation, besides facing financial losses and harassment from various organisations. He on behalf of old contract Karimnagar schools demanded a CBI probe and stringent action against the Educomp management who cheated schools nationwide.

In view of the company’s cheap act, State and Central governments had to protect these schools from Educomp. To ensure justice for these schools, the State Home Minister has to take criminal proceedings for cheating and harassing. He would also take measures to stop such kind of inconvenience to school children. The Union HRD ministry should also take necessary measures to stop such practices and important organisations like CID should further investigate.