Telangana safe haven for women

Published on May 09, 2015 01:17:13 AM
In the words of Thomas Hardy – ‘The perfect woman, you see is a working woman, she is not an idler, not a fine lady, but one who uses her hands and her heart for the good of others’. She works hard, she pays her bills, maintains herself, she is independent, she believes in restoring peace in her life and to those around her, she is politically aware, socially responsible and alive in every sense. The working women of Hyderabad make a statement about how they manage work and home, their dreams and aspirations for Hyderabad

In my case, there has been no difference as being in the healthcare space our services are always needed.
Infrastructure work in the city is progressing, power cuts are down. I think the government is making all the right noises towards growth and in some areas they have started delivering too. I have always paved my own way, the field I belong to gets a lot of respect from people and as an individual I am straight forward and very professional. I am my identity, there is nothing lacking in my local environment. I can’t speak for the rural parts of the State as I don’t know enough.

I expect good leaders, honest governance, less corruption and delivery on agendas presented. I expect improvement in business environment so we can attract more investment. Better roads, better policing of people to keep the State clean. Laws to be put in place to tackle drug trafficking and strict policing for underage drinking and drug abuse, as more and more youngsters are falling in this trap. Without hope in our youth we have no hope at all. Ethical medical practice is needed. Patients must be protected from ruthless practices by hospitals. Poor students must be provided better quality of education in the cities.
- Karen Campos Bhatia,
 nutritionist, lifestyle consultant

Telangana should be a model State with top priority to women security, special women police force and police stations. State of art connectivity within the State in terms of roads and IT (preferably the whole State being on WiFi) and clean drinking water are needed. While men still are living in Iron Age and women holding equal place in society, I personally feel proud of being a woman. Men still think ‘they are the Subject, the Absolute and she is the other’. They want to remain in the 60s. Women are responsible for evolution. Giving birth, being mother, sister, wife and a dutiful daughter. Women are more tolerant. I am proud that our Telangana is leaving no stone unturned in making every woman feel special and secure.
Ruby, make-up artiste, banker, writer

Hyderabad is a city of happiness. Just like the perfect biryani, there is a recipe that makes this city one of the best cities in the world .The recipe is, of course, its people. An eclectic mix of people from different regions, find a safe haven here. Whether you are a pan walla near Old City or a techie at Cyberabad, a school teacher in Secunderabad or an entrepreneur, your voice is heard and your presence is felt. The city doesn't just overwhelm you, it thrills. I think if all the districts of Telangana start working together and building their own super cities, the dream of Bangaru Telangana is not far. Reduction in power cuts is a boon for small industries. Women are also safer here in Hyderabad, thanks to SHE teams. I think Mission Kakatiya is a positive initiative to help farmers. Telangana government seems to be a promising one.
 - Ashwini Sarabhai, entrepreneur

Several policies should be reinforced keeping in mind the backward class and the Dalits. I appreciate the SHE team initiative. Women safety is the burning issue right now. Loan waiver scheme for poor is fine but I personally think it is a burden on exchequer. Loans are waived at personal risk without RBI guidelines. More specific policies for women should be scripted. Need to provide more policies for middle class.
    - Santosh, associate legal manager,
    GMR, Hyderabad airport

I have seen a lot of appreciation for my craft. Specially, MP Kavitha garu and MLA Geetha Reddy garu were in full support of me when I represented Malkha and Pochampalli. Telangana fabrics are on an international platform as sustainable fashion fabrics. I have seen lot of people aspiring to wear them … it's a positive change. It's simple - you respect yourself and people will respect you. If you like to think out of the box, you’ll create an identity for yourself. I expect Telangana government to make all the people of the State happy. Create equal opportunities for men and women. Help every child get quality education and healthcare and job opportunities, curb corruption.
    - Shilpa Reddy,
    entrepreneur, model, fitness trainer

‘The only thing that is constant in this world is change'. If there was no change since creation, there would have been no evolution. So when the State of Telangana was born amongst confusion, chaos and doubt, I saw a silver lining, a new reason to walk, grow and lead. Being in the line of strategy, branding and marketing, I saw this as a State of opportunities and challenges and more over a game to be played and won. So, play it! I am a Telanganite by birth and live to die as one. Telangana is a reason and opportunity to think, understand and work on. Let’s grow with growth that’s inevitable in such circumstances.
    - N Madhavi Murthy, general manager, branding/strategy/marketing, Kalakriti Art Gallery/Art Cafe

I have not seen any special improvement in the economic status of our colleges. We have seen a kind of stagnation in the intake levels as we have seen a reduced number of admissions from students with Andhra roots. In terms of educational activity we have seen a large number of students in a state of dilemma in taking up education in Telangana due to the FAST scheme which was brought up by the government during the last academic year. A huge delay in scholarships also affected many educational institutions’ financial status.

In case of those students belonging to Andhra studying in second and third year, there is a lot of crises as the government has released only scholarships for Telangana students. The government has also not issued notification for opening new colleges. In terms of self-respect and identity, I see no change as I am from Telangana. More than self-respect we want better educational facilities and employment opportunities. Economic strength would definitely improve one’s self confidence and identity.

As I belong to hospitality industry I expect that the government should give due importance to travel and tourism industry, allocate special budget for developing various scenic places in the State. The government must provide land, grants etc to deserving private educational institutions.
- Sridevi, entrepreneur