Neetu reviews steps to prevent road mishaps

Published on May 07, 2015 01:20:03 AM
District Collector Neetu Kumari Prasad on Wednesday conducted a meeting on road accidents and precautionary measures, stating the importance of following traffic rules, to escape dangerous accidents, expressing displeasure over the increasing accidents every day. She informed that about 80 per cent accidents are occurring due to drivers’ negligence and said that initial training classes, would be held to improve driving skills and concentration and ordered to keep warning boards at accident zones.

She ordered to fill damaged road patches, eliminate unnecessary bushes along road sides and establish LED lights at road turning points. She also instructed RTA officials to watch overload travelling vehicles and autos overcrowded with people. SP Shiva Kumar stated that every year, district is witnessing 14,000 cases, of which 10 per cent are connected with accidents. He informed that majority of accidents taking place on Karimnagar- Warangal road are due to poor road maintenance, uneven colours on speed breakers and lack of warning boards.

He directed officials to remove flexes on road side to avoid accidents. In this meeting Jagityala Sub Collector Krishna Prasad, Deputy Transport commissioner Meere Prasa , R and B SE Chandulal, traffic CIs and Sis participated.