TS to expedite acquisition of 10th schedule institutions

Published on June 06, 2015 00:36:03 AM

Telangana government is planning to expedite the process of acquiring the institutions mentioned under the 10th schedule of Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act 2014. The State government has already taken over several institutions in the previous year. Out of 107 institutions mentioned in the Act, almost 97 institutions are located in Telangana.

The Act allows the bifurcated States to divide such institutions between them. The Act provides for retention of the institutions in the State they were territorially located. So far, Telangana Council of Higher Education and few other institutions have been taken over by the State government.

Chief Secretary Rajiv Sharma has conducted a review meeting on this issue with officials concerned. According to sources, he urged the officials to speed up the process to take over other institutions also. The State government is of the opinion that if the 10th schedule institutions come under its purview, the chances of legal glitches with AP government would come down.

The activities of various institutions have come to a standstill due to the bifurcation issues. The Telangana government has the power to take over any such institution under the powers provided under section 101 of the Act.

After successfully acquiring the higher education council, the move which was upheld by the High Court and Supreme Court as well, the state government wants to move ahead with taking over other institutions.

While all this was going on, the Telangana government had written three letters to the GoAP offering to provide services from its 97 institutions to AP. It also suggested that the budget could be met in the proportion of usage of two states.

The Telangana government has come to the conclusion that the AP government did not have interest in having the services of the 97 institutions located in Telangana territory, since there was no response from AP.

The government of Telangana would approach the Ministry of Home Affairs and would explain the non-cooperation of AP and would urge it to complete the bifurcation process of the institutions.