Boys for a bright Telangana

Published on May 05, 2015 02:10:07 AM
In less than a month, Telangana will celebrate its first birthday. The struggle for a separate statehood was spearheaded by the youth. Many even sacrificed their lives for the cause. So in the last eleven months, how did the State repay its debt to the youth? Purnima Sriram spoke to a few youngsters from the city on their feedback of the government and they stand ‘united’ in their opinion.

KCR’s government has been lauded for its thrust to boost Brand Hyderabad. Initiatives such as increased employability of graduates, Wi-Fi around the city, beefed up security measures and creating avenues for investors have been lauded. But the government has been receiving flak for the dreadful living standards of farmers in rest of the states. Over 400 farmers have committed suicide in the past year. The youth opine that Telangana should focus on becoming self-sustainable

Not much of a difference in the economic conditions. TRS concept of economic backwardness of Telangana because of united AP has failed till now. Though it is very early to judge the TRS government and improvement in the economic status in the near future looks difficult. Information and pharmaceutical sector will be the backbone of Telangana's economy in the years to come but the irrigation, agriculture and power sectors are most likely to suffer efficient coordination with the central and full use of resources we have will be the key to progress.

Analysing the first year of the TRS government, we can say it has just managed to keep up its expectations in some areas like in the areas of Power, IT. The State government should focus on agriculture sector, education, sanitation, infrastructure of the districts and employment generation.      
Shashikanth Singh, St. Mary’s College

I find no change in the economic conditions so far. The government has been good till date and I hope that it will continue to be the same. It has not stood out though. I feel positive and secure. However, I have not been benefited in any way with the separate State. Not expecting anything will probably meet the expectations.  So, I expect nothing from Telangana.
Srinivas Teja, MGIT

Economic reforms taken by Telangana government have been quite effective and things are changing at a slower pace and the price changes in automobile sector is good notion. The Government has been taking up very innovative initiatives to meet the public needs, many successful and a few under progress. The reforms made with respect to police department are appreciable.

Identity and self-respect has been the same, there hasn’t been any remarkable difference though. Reforms made under IT sector and the property tax reforms seem attractive. Even more effective measures should be taken to be a self-sustained State, emphasis should be on the education sector and the standards of traffic safety and overall public safety should be raised.
K Dhiraj, Bhavan’s Degree College

Every guy on this planet will want the freedom to choose the life he wants from  what to wear, who to hang out with, what education to pursue or whom to vote . As students we want a government which allows us to breathe the air of true freedom. Don't announce initiatives and plans which involve youth but do not help them in any way. For me being a Telangana guy is a matter of pride .

Yes we are rough! We are loud! We don't have great natural resources like other States, but we have the heart of lions. And we promise to stand tall like solid rocks in times of adversity. Politicians and government have to be careful .We are not puppets in their hands .We are instruments of peace and progress if used positively or weapons of destruction if rubbed on the wrong side.
Vineeth Balakrishnan, Bhavan’s Degree College

There has been no direct impact on a day-day economic status basis after the separation. Although, the projects that are in the pipeline for easing the expenses towards college fees and better infrastructure do bring hope. Against rumoured beliefs, this government has kept up a positive attitude post the transition. There have been no major changes on the negative side to not trust the government but neither has there been any positive change to laud them.

Being a government, that seems to center its benefits towards population which is "Natively Telangana", non-locals like us do feel insecure. As aforementioned, for the middle and upper middle-class, there has been no direct tangible benefit post the creation of the new State.
Abhishek, JNAFAU

No improvement in the economic situation but actually I am witnessing an economic downfall in my family. In fact, highly ambitious decisions and projects which are too far away from the ground reality. The formation of this new State has had neither had a positive effect nor negative effect on my self-respect and identity but it sure has filled people's veins with senseless emotion that whenever others tend to say something about the government they start feeling insecure. So far I have benefited nothing and I don't see any benefits for me in the near future.
Devendra Vikram Reddy, CBIT

The direct impact of separate Telangana on a personal level are yet to be experienced. However, there has been collective improvement and I hope to see young entrepreneurs encouraged through subsidiaries and incentive schemes. While the government is relatively new, it has impressed me with its innovation in governance and also the way it keeps up its interactions with public and work in such a way that the public input is taken into consideration.

Separate State has given a chance for budding entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, pro agriculturists a chance to develop the State along with self-development. The employability for the graduates is improving and I hope the State will be able to achieve 100% employability in the coming future. I expect the State government to be more responsive and be pro-development. 

The government should introduce schemes to support sustainable development, incentives for social business models, encourage energy sector (specially solar and wind) and also sign MoU with top universities to develop a leading educational hub in the State. We need more indigenous brains to work with the government. I also believe a government-private sector partnership in various fields will help the State develop at a healthy rate.    
Muthu Krishna Mere Reddy, Sri Indu College of Engineering and Technology

The economy has improved a lot after separate Telangana. Installation of free Wi-Fi and new transport for the police are the clear signs for it. The performance of the government till now is very satisfactory. Their arrangements like the new A/C busses and limiting the engineering colleges are just a few examples. I personally feel positive about this and secure. Employment opportunities and the standard of living are increasing. I expect that the government will take better steps to ensure the safety and well-being of their people.
Harshith Chincholi, MGIT

Being a student pursuing my B Tech, I really don’t find any major changes in the economic improvement in my life. The prices of the commodities used in daily life are yet increasing at a rapid rate. Telangana government is surely striving its best for the betterment of the State and various aspects in it. I have seen some really good work put up by the government in the past few months and surely expecting a lot more in the coming years.

Having born in Telangana, I feel content but I really feel insecure about my friends who belong to the Andhra Pradesh. The separation surely created differences not only in geographical State but also in the mindset of the students. Regional feeling in this era is surely a step back towards development. I personally haven’t benefited in any way from a separate state.

What benefit could be found separating two brothers? I expect the government to work more efficiently in every sector and produce more quality output for the benefit of the state and its people. Let the promises made be fulfilled.
Pranav Sistla, CVR College of Engineering

It is a little too early to decide about the government. But, the government has been in an attacking and dare-devil attitude until now. I surely feel positive and happy, as a believer in the party. I just hope they don’t fall prey to caste politics. Just continue with the idea of taking in to consideration the younger generation's opinion as well. Focus on the education of the youth, IT area, urbanisation and industrialisation.
Sai Dinesh Dacharaju, IIT, Guwahati

The new State has been generous enough to raise tariffs on electricity to the lowest possible level. They have been cutting and providing incentives on other service taxes including municipalities so yes indirectly it saves a few more bucks. The government has definitely taken pretty bold policy decisions including those on rejuvenation of water bodies, upgradation of police apparatus, etc.

Certain things specifically like corruption, communalism, and rise in narcotic and arms flow are of highest concern to me. Benefits are relative. Instead of an individual perspective I feel a cooperative federalism with smaller administrative units is always beneficial. It could probably help in employment opportunities both public and private in future for me personally.
Saketh, Osmania University

There has been no change in my life economically. The government is going good, and there is a lot of development in the city and pretty impressive plans for the future. Self-respect cannot be gained over a night and you can’t feel like you have armour protecting you just because you had a survey over a single day. There has been a decrease in power cuts which is a sign of progress. I expect the government to implement all the promises they have done and stay honest to the people.
Pradhyumna Engula,
Keshav Memorial Institute of Technology