Samantha can't wait anymore…

Published on April 27, 2015 11:25:37 AM
Once again Samantha cleared the air. Rather acting in real-life like those other top starlets who complain about directors not coming up with such innovative roles, this Chennai hottie insists that commercial cinema is what people love. She says, "Artistic roles are not my cup of tea, because I’m here in this industry to do films but not to differentiate them and take up selective work. Such kind of artistic roles don’t easily exist in films unlike these stints in commercial pot boilers.” She gets more upright with her next comment.

"There are no great heroine roles here. And I can’t wait for one, because people will forget me then. Forget your performance, its box office that matters”, she says, standing firm on her decisions. That’s how Samantha looks at film industry and her chances in the business. Some may render her as money-minded heroine, but definitely she isn’t that type and her silent charity work speaks volume about her character.