Anushka gets B-Town support

Published on March 27, 2015 21:17:34 PM
More than India’s loss in Semi-final to Australia, Anushka Sharma became a hot topic for being present at the venue. Social media users blamed Anushka for the loss and made fun of her presence. However, the B-Town backed Anushka. Several celebrities took it on their micro blogging account and openly lashed out at the trolls.

Anushka’s ‘Dil Dadhkane Do’ co-star Priyanka Chopra responded to the social media trolls. "So horrible to c a supportive girlfriend being lynched for a game she just watched!!Stop with the disrespect! #StillBleedBlue,” wrote PeeCee. Former Miss Universe, Sushmita Sen asked fans to pick another sports. "So happy 2 C @AnushkaSharma b there 2 support her man n her country!!Those mocking her,pick another sport..IND's spirit n Cricket not 4 U ,” tweeted Sushmita.

India’s tennis sensation Sania Mirza also stepped in action. "Blaming and joking bout Anushka??cz a woman can ONLY be a distraction and not a strength? Wht bout d other times we won or Virat made a 100?,” posted Sania.