Nara Rohit opts out of summer race

Published on May 26, 2015 00:15:02 AM

Nara Rohit’s actioner Asura which was initially slotted for release on May 29 is now pushed by a week. Sources say Rohit requested his producer Shyam Devabhaktuni to reschedule the release of their film by a week to avoid a clash with Ram’s Pandaga Chesko and Surya’s Rakashasudu which are also lined up for release on the same day. Although Rohit initially planned to release the film as per schedule. It was the unavailability of theatres that forced the actor to opt out of the summer race, says a little birdie from Filmnagar. With Rohit backing out from the race, the line is clear for Pandaga Chesko and Rakshasudu to fight it out at the ticket window. Directed by debutant Krishna Vijay, Asura will now hit the screens on June 5.