Jyothika may be sidelined after her comeback

Published on May 16, 2015 12:31:00 PM
Some movies receive appreciation for the imprint they leave on audience. The latest one of such type is Jyothika's comeback film 36 Vayadhinile that has been welcomed with cheers by fans and movie buffs.  Though the fans are not off the hangover of English Vinglish, the latest movie has garnered excellent reviews from critics and fans as well.

The main question that arises in minds of movie goers and fans is that will Jyothika continue to act? If yes, then what type of movie will she sign? Woman centric films like 36 Vayadhinile are not made frequently.

The actress herself has confirmed that she will not be seen as heroine anymore on screens. So what type of roles will she be offered by the directors?

In Kollywood, it is a common trend for heroines to play mothers or sisters of the lead pair once they make a comeback. Will Jyothika be sidelined just as a mother or sister on-screen? But she is definitely worth more than that and not a mother type of actress yet.

Apparently, the restrictions confined by the actress will not land her in many more movies which may lead to her downfall.

We hope that that the actress who has a lot of potential will sustain in film industry and do a lot more role as lead by proving the assumptions wrong.