Let me make it clear I haven't given any interview mentioning Pawan Sir

Published on March 11, 2015 05:30:00 AM
As per an interview of Hansika Motwani in a Tamil tabloid, the actress was quoted saying, "There is no need to enter into politics like Pawan Kalyan and others if one has to do social service". Basing on her words, making her a scapegoat, few channels have come with big programs slamming celebrities for entering into politics for the sake of serving people. Petrified by all these activities happening in her name, the pretty actress has now given clarity.

A small outbreak of fire in Kollywood has turned into a big fireball in Tollywood. Milky looking heroine Hansika Motwani is getting slammed by Powerstar's fans as her comments went viral in Telugu media. With couple of highly rated Telugu channels coming up with stories about Hansika's comments on Pawan Kalyan, the actress got baffled. Totally upset with the lightning speed a rumour works, she is now crying foul.

"Oh my god. Few say I have commented on Pawan Kalyan sir. Let me make it clear I haven't given any interview mentioning sir. It is all cooked up!! I respect him immensely and I'm a fan of his work. I request all the others to stop with this vague rumour (sic)", said Hansika.  Will our media houses now carry Hansika's clarity too, before maligning the images of politician-turned-actors any further?