There is a slip between cup and lip, Dr. Rajsekhar!

Published on March 10, 2015 05:30:00 AM

Some call it fate, and yet someone ascribe it to bad luck. Actor Dr. Rajasekhar seems to have the knack of taking wrong decisions at the right time. Salman Khan Starrer Dabbang was a super duper hit in Hindi. Dr. Rajasekhar secured the remake rights by agreeing to pay a whopping Rs. 1.35 Crore to remake the film in Telugu. So far so good. But the Dabbang producers pulled a fast one on Dr. Rajasekhar.
According to the Telugu film industry sources, Dabbang producers showed the cheque given by Dr. Rajsekhar to Pawan Kalyan and got him to buy the rights at Rs. 1.75 Crore. The age old rivalry between Chiru’s family that includes Pawan and Aravind and Dr. Rajasekhar, Jeevitha is all well known to the Telugu people. To settle scores with Dr. Rajsekhar, Pawan, reportedly, paid an additional amount to the Dabbang producers and got the remake rights.
That the Pawan starrer Gabbar Singh, the remake of the Hindi original, proved to be the Box Office hit, is another story. Meanwhile, a sulking Dr. Rajsekhar and Jeevitha had to seek for alternatives to mop up the losses.
Interestingly, Pawan made fun of Dr. Rajsekhar in a scene in Gabbar Singh. With Jeevitha becoming the Chairperson of the Censor Board, let us wait and watch how she will settle scores with Chiru and Pawan family in future!
This is not the first time that Dr. Rajsekhar was made to part with the remake rights. In the past, Rajasekhar wanted to secure rights of Tamil super hit film Ramana. But the remake rights were knocked away by Madhu and Chiranjeevi and it was later made into Telugu as Tagore. The moral of the story, Dr. Rajsekhar, is, there is a slip between cup and lip!