NTR 's temper tempered!

Published on March 10, 2015 05:30:00 AM
With no hit in the recent past, NTR was totally out of reckoning for the past several months. Finding no proper formulae to make his film a mega hit, NTR was desperate for a success. So did his fans. In his anxiety to get a hit film come what may, NTR had roped in writer Vakkantha Vamsi to cook a good story for his film. Vamsi came with a concoction for the film Temper.

With his half-brother, Kalyan Ram getting wild hit "Patash”, NTR reportedly went into further depression, worrying about the prospects of his new film Temper. NTR worked over time and gave 100 per cent of his potential to Temper. Many film personalities who saw the rushes of the film Temper said NTR had walked an extra mile to make the film a Box Office hit.

‘Temper’ got released to packed houses and evoked positive reviews thanks to the word-of-mouth publicity. Now, NTR and his team are basking in glory and enjoying the much awaited success.

Sources close to NTR, say that the actor now has realized that in the world of make believe, hits and failures are part of the career. NTR also, seemed to have realized that he should keep his balance, whether his film is a hot or failure. Good luck to NTR!