Nithya's twin mistakes

Published on May 04, 2015 11:43:43 AM
Actors need to be extremely cautious when choosing their roles as one wrong decision can torpedo several years of hard work. Regretting later may not help you as those mistakes will affect you for a long time to come. This is what exactly happened in Nithya Menen’s case. The talented actress, who is heading for a busy year with a slew of already released and upcoming projects, has faced the music from critics for her insignificant portrayal in S/O Satyamurthy and Ganga: Kanchana 2.

Nithya was seen in a typical role with less screen time in the Allu Arjun starrer, while her act as a handicapped woman in Lawrence’s latest release failed to make an impression. Those who have watched the film are slamming her for picking stereotyped roles with very less scope to perform. However, the actress seems to have no inhibitions doing such roles and is not bothered about the result. "I just see whether my role is sensible or not. If it meets my standards, I will do whatever role that comes my way. I’m not an actress who only wants to do lead roles,” says Nithya.