Clip art that hurts...

Published on May 02, 2015 01:48:44 AM
Scandalous MMSs, never fail to make news, especially when it involves a celebrity, as their lives are always intriguing for the common man. More often than not morphed videos or pictures are circulated, other times it’s the body double or a look alike that is used for cheap thrills. While some actresses have been known to deliberately spread their clips as publicity stunts, some fall victims to other’s ploy, like in the recent Radhika Apte.

With the revolution in technology and the frenzy of sharing things on social media or other platforms, it doesn’t take more than a few hours for a picture or a video to spread like wild fire. And supposing it’s an MMS featuring a celebrity from the tinsel town, it gets all the more viral, thanks to the interest people take in the lives of film stars.

Do you think I should waste my time lodging a complaint? I have no such plans and these miscreants won’t stop there. These acts are disgusting and filing police complaints won’t help, it’s only going to be a waste of my time!

Radhika Apte somehow seems to have become the victim, earlier it pertained to her topless selfies taken in front of a bathroom mirror and now frontal nudity shot as a part of her audition for a short film produced by  Anurag Kashyap, has gone viral! The actress says she was startled to know about the video and the photographs "Some jobless person sits somewhere in the world and puts some photographs or videos and says it is Radhika Apte.

I came to know about it recently. They keep doing that every few days and I’m not panicking one bit.” When asked why she did not approach the authorities, she replies candidly, "Do you think I should waste my time lodging a complaint? I have no such plans and these miscreants won’t stop there. These acts are disgusting and filing police complaints won’t help, it’s only going to be a waste of my time!”

Another actress Raai Lakshmi finds herself the victim of an MMS video that has been circulating for the last few months. The clip, showing her undressing in a changing room, has gone viral and the actress was taken aback and issued statements that said it was surely not her but a look-alike. Lakshmi deals with it bravely and says, "I have been in the news of late thanks to my continuous hits, and right after every movie I somehow find myself dragged in some controversy or the other.

would like to believe this is an occupational hazard and all of us should learn to deal with it.” She continues, "The woman in the video is not me, so I should not be worried. Also, I don’t want to comment or react to it, as I know it will fade away when you don’t pay a heed to them. This is quite common with actresses these days and we all have no clue as to how to handle these incidents. Some people have chosen this as their business and I hope law will punish the culprits soon.”

Hansika Motwani too was the rallying point of an MMS controversy when a video purportedly showing the actress taking a shower was leaked and ‘broke the internet.’ The woman in the video looks similar to the actress and it appears like the video was shot with a hidden or secret camera planted in the bathroom. However, the actress termed it a fake video with her lookalike in it.

Close on the heels of Hansika’s scandal, the latest victim has been Anushka Shetty. The video, showing a woman, who bears striking resemblance to Anushka, caught in a compromising position with a man, has been the talk of the tinsel town. The video is being circulated on a number of digital platforms. The video appears to have been taken from a mobile phone secretly.  The actress is yet to respond on the controversy.

It’s not just celebrities who become victims of such cases, but also a lot of women. Cyberabad police says such scandals or controversies should be brought to the notice of the department immediately. They also urge women to be attentive and watchful when they go to any hotels, coffee shops, rest-rooms and any other places. "Women should be very careful when they go to public places.

They should observe their tables, mirrors, surroundings and if they identify any spy or hidden camera they should alert us, else they will fall prey to such heinous acts,” says Santoash Souda, Sub-Inspector of Police, Cyberabad. He adds, "When we receive such complaints we register a case under the section 66A of IT Act and strict action is taken against the culprits. We also ensure those videos or pictures are removed from any other digital platform where it was released. Depending on the gravity of the issue, we will file multiple cases on the miscreants and ensure action is taken.”

Ladies, the learning here is, better to be safe than sorry, and if such an incident happens, ensure you reach out to the authorities for assistance.