39% Hyderabadis book travel tickets from mobiles

Published on April 29, 2015 01:23:58 AM
Over 39 per cent of flight, hotel and rail bookings come from mobile devices in Hyderabad according to Cleartrip’s Insight on ‘Mobile Travel Behaviour’ released here on Tuesday. "The mobile growth on hotels for Hyderabad has been the highest across the country, and we’re very excited about the adoption of our Mobile app here,” said Subramanya Sharma, chief marketing officer at Cleartrip.

He said, "Air bookings made on Cleartrip Mobile from Hyderabad, have seen 192 per cent y-o-y growth, as per an insight shared by Cleartrip. We’re seeing extraordinary uptake in bookings made from mobile devices in Hyderabad. In the last quarter of the year 2014, Hyderabad contributed to 6.9 per cent of Air transactions, 3.4 per cent of Hotel transactions and 5.8 per cent of overall traffic on the Cleatrip. Hotel bookings on Mobile for Hyderabad saw a 903 per cent growth y-o-y.”

"For advance purchase patterns in Hyderabad, we’ve witnessed a steady graph around last-minute travel. A noteworthy highlight in Cleartrip’s insight showed that over 47-49 per cent bookings from Hyderabad happen 0-7 days from the actual date of travel. Pegging travellers from Hyderabad as last-minute bookers, this average is higher compared to the National Average of 40 per cent last-minute bookers across India, which indicates that Hyderabadis travel more at the last minute,” said Sharma.

He further said, "Hyderabad welcomes Dubai and Singapore amongst the top 10 International destinations from the city. Other International holiday spots from Hyderabad that make it to the top 10 include Colombo, Abu Dhabi and San Francisco. These top 10 international destinations contribute to a robust 51 per cent of total air segments from Hyderabad.”