Google to pay over $70 million to new CFO

Published on March 28, 2015 15:21:15 PM
Google’s new chief financial officer Ruth Porat is getting more that $70 million in cash and stocks from the Mountain View, California-based firm to move out of Morgan Stanley.

Porat was hired by Google earlier this week, luring her from her post as Morgan Stanley's chief financial officer. She will take charge of her role on May 26, Google said in a regulatory filing.

Google’s compensation package for Porat includes a grant of $25 million through restricted stock units, a $40 million biennial grant in 2016 and a special one-time $5 million sign-on bonus, the filing stated. She will also get an annual base salary of $650,000.

Porat’s total compensation at Morgan Stanley was $10 million in cash and stock in 2013, according to Morgan Stanley's latest annual report.