Y-o-Y growth of telecom sector increases to 9.54%: TRAI

Published on May 10, 2015 16:43:00 PM

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has published the quarter ending December, 2014 performance Indicator report of the Indian telecom services.

The study titled ‘Indian Telecom Services Performance Indicator Report’ provides the key parameters and comprehensive viewpoint of telecom services for the period of October 1, 2014 to December 31, 2014 in India.

The silent features of the report are as follows:

·Telephone subscribers registered a quarterly growth rate of 1.40 per cent at 970.97 million (Dec’14) against the 957.61 million (Sep’14), registering Y-o-Y growth of 6.09 per cent.

·The overall Tele-density increased from 76.75 (Sep’14) to 77.58 (Dec’14).

·The quarterly growth rate of Internet subscribers is increased to 5.11 per cent at 267.39 million (Dec’14) from 254.40 million (Sep’14).

·Gross Revenue (GR) of Telecom Service sector is increased by 2.41 per cent to Rs 63, 955 crore, registering a Y-o-Y growth of 9.54 per cent against the corresponding period last year.

·Adjusted Gross Revenue (AGR) of Telecom Service Sector is increased by0.84 per cent to Rs 43, 591 crore, registering a Y-o-Y growth of 10.15 per cent as compared to the same period last year.