Unseasonal rains to cause price hike in vegetable by 20-25% : Study

Published on April 06, 2015 09:47:33 AM

The joint study of Assocham and Skymet on ‘Monsoon 2015: Agri-business Risk or Opportunity’ revealed that the vegetable prices are expected to rise by 20-25 % due to unseasonal rains.

Untimely rains have created damage to Rabi crops such as oilseeds, wheat, pulses and fruits. Vegetables such as cauliflower, tomatoes and coriander have worse affect . The loss is estimated at 25-30% on the crop yields, with the impact on the wheat procurements.

The joint study noticed that unseasonal rains have caused severe impact on horticulture crops which include grapes, mangoes, channa, and bananas which would lead to the price hike.

The food grain production of India for the 2014-15 crop year(July to June) is estimated to decrease by 3.2% to 257.07 million tones when compared to the 2013-14 crop year which recorded 265.57 million tones.

Rayalseema, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, North Tamil Nadu, Marathwada, Uttarakhand, South Interior Karnataka and parts of the North East might be deficient (by a narrow margin).

Assocham-Skymet Weather joint study concluded that, India might get normal monsoon rainfall during June-September at 102 per cent.