New workspaces to emerge

Published on May 02, 2015 01:57:12 AM
A new form of office/workspace requirement is emerging in global cities including those in India as per research carried out on the impact of concentrated office spaces in specific business districts and the need for fully equipped home offices as working from home is picking up across sectors and while employees are required to commute long distances to reach their formal work spaces. There is a need for improved infrastructure and public transport if these issues are to be addressed.

The cost of travelling to work has almost doubled over the past five years with new research findings by Regus revealing that workers worldwide spend an average of 5 per cent of their net take-home income on their annual commute. The research also shows that over half of the global workers have a home office, but having a fully equipped professional space at home is rarer and employers hardly ever meet the expenses.

Harsh Lambah, country manager for Regus in India, said, "Businesses that want to retain top talent need to urgently address reducing the cost of commuting by offering them the choice to work closer to home at least some of the time.”

The new kind of workspaces with offices, reception, business lounge and common electronics infrastructure in urban and semi-urban regions are suitable where the work demands flexibility, the size of workforce is small and the work requirement is for a shorter duration. This also allows corporates to enable their workforce to operate from locations nearer to them without having to spend on capex to set up physical offices and expand and set up offices only when the market conditions favour such  move. Not only start-up companies, even large size companies are exploring such new models. Google, Toshiba, GlaxoSmithKline are all using these formats in addition to their corporate offices, he added.