January 27, 2015
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National News
English journalists form new Telangana outfit
METRONEWS/HYDERABAD : Yet another forum of journalists associated with various English media in Hyderabad was formed on Wednesday to play a responsible role in the reconstruction of prospective Telangana state and highlight its growth and achievements at the national and global level.

Christened as “Telangana English Journalists’ Association” (TEJA), the forum is aiming at creating a platform for the English journalists working in the region to share their experiences and address issues of different sections of the society. It also plans to encourage and promote young graduates to take up English journalism as a profession, which is challenging and exciting, so that they can strengthen the region’s overall interests.

“The TEJA will help decision making bodies in reconstruction of new and vibrant Telangana. However, it is not going to a rival to any existing journalists unions or forums working for Telangana but it is only to provide a platform for English journalists to play bigger role in the Telangana statehood process,” TEJA convenor Prof S Ram Murthy said. The meeting was attended by senior journalists M P Rabindranath, T N Pillay, M S Shankar, Venkateshwarlu, C R Gowrishankar, S Ramakrishna, A Srinivasa Rao, T Bhaskar and others.
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