April 21, 2015
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Bloodless vampire facelift
Gory images of American celebrity, Kim
Kardashian, with blood oozing from her face, went viral on the internet
moments after she added another feather to her cosmetic upkeep worth
$1500: the vampire facelift. However, the facial restoration procedure
has gained popularity in the city, much against the media’s ‘bloody’
portrayal. Dr Reshmy Shetty busts a few myths about the procedure in an
interview with Alisha Roy

The vampire face lift is a cosmetic
procedure, scientifically known as the Platelets Rich Plasma (PRP)
treatment, which began in 1987, to promote healing in dental, orthopedic
and plastic surgery. It involves drawing out one’s own blood, a
quantity similar to a blood test, and the platelets (the cells that
promote blood clotting) are separated from the blood and injected back
into the skin.

Dr Reshmy Shetty, who supervises the cosmetic
procedure at the Reva Skin clinic, Banjara Hills, sets the record
straight and dispels a few myths about the vampire facelift. “To begin
with, the picture of the American celebrity is a sorry sight, which is
good for her publicity, but it’s a medical procedure gone awry,” says Dr
Shetty. “How can there be blood on the face when the serum injected
into the skin is either clear or yellow?” Dr Shetty quizzes.
blood drawn for the vampire facelift or PRP is placed in a centrifuge
which separates the platelets and serum from the red blood cells. The
serum, which is separated, is a yellowish liquid and this plasma is
injected back into the skin since it stimulates skin healing and
rejuvenation,” Dr Shetty explains.

Apart from Kim’s picture,
other celebrities like television hostess, Kerry Katona, posted pictures
of her post-PRP face, with blotchy skin covered in bruises. Dr Shetty
shares her expertise on pre and post PRP treatment care. “Yes there
could be slight bruising which lasts for about 24 hours,” she says. “We
make sure the patients undergoing the treatment are not on any
medication, like blood thinners, that could hamper their facelift. After
the treatment is done, we advise the patient to keep away from the sun
and to avoid physical activity that causes too much sweating,” she says.
“And these limitations are only for 24 hours,” she adds quickly.

from cosmetic care, the PRP treatment is also used to cure
musko-skeletal pain, baldness and is also used along with other cosmetic
skin solutions. “The vampire facelift is only one among the different
PRP treatments. It is not an anti-aging cure but only enhances
regeneration of cells. Even young men, suffering from severe hair loss,
approach us for the PRP treatment as it helps cure baldness by
regenerating hair,” Dr Shetty says. “We also inject the serum along with
fillers like Botox to make the skin more even and reduce wrinkles on
the face, the décolleté and the hands,” she adds.

Unwilling to
share her opinion about the successes of other PRP treatments, Dr
Shetty, however, agrees that the vampire facelift is very popular in
Hyderabad and does not cause any adverse reactions. “The plasma
separation and mixture is carried out in pre sterile, Swiss patented and
US FDA approved equipment. There are no allergies or reactions since
the serum is drawn from the patient’s own blood,” she says. “Not many
skin clinics use such super sterile equipment and patients must be
careful while choosing their skin specialist who will treat them with
PRP,” she advises.

Like most other cosmetic surgeries, the PRP
treatment is tried and tested and doesn’t restrict itself to cosmetic
enhancing alone. So, we cannot let Kim steal the limelight for endorsing
PRP as Tiger Woods, the professional golfer, had already been
undergoing the PRP treatment to combat sore knees. Sportsmen also make
use of this method to heal ailments like Tennis elbow and tendonitis.

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